12 Society

Michael Strahan, Blake Griffin, Nas, Nick Cannon, Kevin Love and Tim Lincecum are names you probably never thought to hear mentioned in the same sentence, especially at Christmas time, but for this season and every season to come these athletes and entertainers have come together to create the perfect product just for you. These six men along with other are a part of 12 Society, a lifestyle gifting brand that brings the merchandise to you for less than half their retail price. For just $39 per month you can have the latest in clothing, technology, music and footwear, all picked out by your favorite stars. Don’t believe us? Check out 12 Society’s top five reason to join their club this Christmas!

1. Celebrity Style Board

We’ve seen people who love to give this as a gift, especially for girls who don’t really know what to get their loved ones—boyfriend, brother or husband. They can get their gift for their loved one and then get a really cool celebrity board to actually pick the products that go into it. Blake [Griffin], Nas, all these guys pick the products that are attached to the box. We have a really solid group that’s really diverse. Some are baseball athletes, some are ex-football players as well as NBA athletes and some are entertainers.

Reason 2: More For Less

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