5 Reasons Why You Should Buy…My Record – Trae Tha Truth, “Can’t Ban The Truth”

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy…My Record – Trae Tha Truth, “Can’t Ban The Truth”

[With this week’s release of Can’t Ban The Truth, Houston’s finest Trae The Truth gives you the top five reasons why his album deserves a spot on your playlist.]

1. Can’t Ban The Truth

The first and most important reason to buy my album is the fact that it tells a story that was a year in the making. A year ago I dropped a mixtape that set off a chain of events that included not only my music being banned from Houston’s only rap radio station, but any mention of my name on that station. Certain station employees didn’t exactly stick to that internal order and several ended up being suspended or fired. As the ban started to affect not only my life and livelihood but the lives of other people, I felt it was time to stand up and let the station know I wasn’t going to just crawl in a hole. So I filed a lawsuit against them and their parent company, sparking a nationwide ban of my music by Radio One. There were press conferences and town hall meetings and lots of support from a lot of great people. Truth be told, the controversy ended up giving me more exposure and publicity on a nationwide level then I’d ever have had otherwise. Maybe I should thank Radio One………….just kidding. Eff that.

2. Put On For My City

Another reason to buy my album is that it represents Houston to the fullest. In fact, everything about me and my career represents my city. I have my own day awarded to me by the Mayor, Trae Day, and it’s all about me giving back to my city. I even named my most recently born son Houston. How many artists have kids named Atlanta, Miami or Oakland. People think that Houston fell off the map because we don’t have all these artists going Platinum right now but my city is still making great music like we always have and my album is some of the best to come out of it recently. Don’t believe me? The Houston Press called my album a landmark of Houston rap and just named me Best Local Rapper. What more do you need to know?

3. Inspirational Rawness

There’s a lot of great music that comes out of the South. It’s played on the radio all over the country and it’s that sh*t that makes people automatically hit the dance floor. Sometimes though, you don’t feel like dancing. This album is for those times. I get a lot of people coming up to me at shows or calling in to talk to me on radio interviews telling me how my music helped them deal with some sh*t they was going through. Whether it’s friends who turn their back on you or getting locked up or whatever you are going through that makes you feel like giving up, a lot of my music is geared towards those times. This album is for people going through it who ain’t got anyone to turn to. It will let you know you ain’t alone in whatever you’re going through. Sh*t happens to all of us.

4. Brotherly Love

Speaking of friends, all of us have had homies that let us down when we expected them to stand for us. I’ve experienced that a lot since the whole ban thing went down. This album features the artists that have stood by me, whether it was performing at my Trae Day events for free for the kids, or jumping on a song. Luckily, they are also some of the best to ever do it which is a perfect reason to buy my album. Shout outs to Lupe [Fiasco], Young Buck, Brian Angel, Jae Millz, Gudda Gudda, Big Pokey and everyone else that stayed being down.

5. All Of Me

Lastly, this album, like all of my music over the years, is Tha Truth. Everything I rap about is real sh*t from my life. Sh*t I live and sh*t I go through. It’s a lot of fake in Hip Hop but the one thing my fans can always count on coming from my music is Tha Truth. It might not be pretty and sometimes it ain’t what people are trying to hear but like the title of the CD says……….you can’t ban tha truth.

You Decide. Will you buy Can’t Ban The Truth?

To purchase Can’t Ban The Truth, just click here.

Check out some songs from the album below:

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