5 Reasons Why You Should Buy My Record – Nottz, “You Need This Music”

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy My Record – Nottz, “You Need This Music”

[With today’s release of You Need This Music, renowned hitmaker Nottz produces his top five reasons why you should go out and support his debut solo album.]

1. Authenticity At Its Best

There’s too much rap out here and so you need some good music, real hip-hop, boom bap and you cannot deny it. Every record is a single. I’m getting a lot of good feedback on the records. It’s crazy. The people I have on it, I didn’t really have to go out and reach out to them. These are people that really rock with me and so I didn’t have to chase them down and they ended up helping paint the picture with me. They really helped me get what I needed to get across.

2. Hip-Hop Starts In The Heart

This record is a really heartfelt project. Everything is coming straight from my heart. When you listen to the album, every song has substance to it. I’m not just producing on it. It really shows people that I can rap; I started out as a rapper. I can really make songs. I’m not on the record busting my gun, I’m not on the record selling dope, none of that and just making it pop. It’s a really good album.

3. Producers Show You How To Do This, Son

This represents bringing real hip-hop and real rap to where it belongs. To my understanding, everything revolves. It’s crazy because we go back to the Kid N Play days and we look at Soulja Boy and the rest of them dudes but that’s what we grew up on like back in the day. If you go and listen to those Kid N Play songs and you listen to it now, you’ll be like, “That was wack,” but everything happens for a reason.There’s so many records now that the producers are [still] working and doing the [sole] production [on an album]. It’ll be dope producers doing the whole record. You got the Classic album that I did for Rah Digga. It’s the time for this right now. The title of the album should speak for itself.

4. I Got Bills To Pay

You need the physical copy in your collection and there’s too many Internet hackers. It’s really messing up sales for everybody. You can download anything off the Internet, you can get anything you want from the Internet, you don’t even have to move. People don’t want to go out and show their support no more. It’s crazy. You gotta remember, this is our job. This is what we do, this is what we eat from. We don’t do it for free, we gotta pay these bills. We gotta keep the lights on and keyboard on. Then you got dudes out here just leaking records out left and right. It’s crazy.

5. Right On Time

This is something I should have been done [already]. This should have been done like 10 years ago. Really, ten years ago. My manager told me I should do this and I’ve been so trapped doing music for other people and I stayed away from the rap. I started out rapping because no one would give me beats so I started making my own. This is something I should have been doing. The people need this. I want to bring this overseas and let them get a taste of this and I know they’ll eat it up.

You Decide. Will you buy You Need This Music?

To purchase You Need This Music, just click here.

Check out songs from the album below:

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