5 Reasons Why You Should Buy…My Record – GLC, “Love, Life & Loyalty”

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy…My Record – GLC, “Love, Life & Loyalty”

[With today’s release of Love, Life & Loyalty, G.O.O.D. Music affiliate GLC pitches his top five reasons why you should support his long-awaited debut album.]

1. The “-ism” Factor

You should go out and support my album because I really went out and put in a lot of work and it’s pretty dope. And it’s not just from a bias opinion, it’s just due to the time we put into it, the effort we put into it and we manifested the “-ism” into there. The “-ism” is a beautiful thing, it’s my aurora, it’s my personality, it’s my energy and I’m giving you that full swing. After you get my album, you’re gonna feel the love, you’re gonna feel the life, you’re gonna feel the loyalty and you might even feel like you can pimp a little bit too. It entertains your mind state, it also teaches you how to grow and develop. It helps you get from point a to point b in life.

2. LL Cool GLC

Another reason why you should go out and buy my album is because a lot of ladies tell me that I’m handsome. They think I’m pretty, so, the champ should be pretty like me. Beautiful. And at the end of the day, if they want me to continue to be the champ, be pretty and be the best that I can be, do what I do, then I’m gonna need your helping hand to help the movement. Grow and develop with me.

3. Midwestplayalisticcadillacmusik

A third reason why y’all should go and buy my album is due to the fact that I’m giving you a part of Chicago that you’ve never seen, something that’s never been exposed. It’s coming from the perspective of a young man who grew up in an organization that was ran by Larry Hoover from the south side of Chicago. And that perspective has never been brought to the forefront. It’s really here for the first time and I know a lot of people are intrigued with this city just due to the fact of the negative press we’ve been getting but also due to the fact that [United States President] Barack Obama is from here.

4. This Album Will Help Get You Some

Another reason if you’re gonna go and get my album, if you’re a guy, then the girls are gonna like you. The girls will end up liking all of you guys because all of the girls like me. They show me love and embrace my concepts. They love the “-isms” and I get it with a true player-like precision, so if you get my album, you’re gonna do nothing but help yourself. At the end of the day, being a young man and a gentleman, you’re gonna want to play what the girls want to hear and if you got my music in the atmosphere, they should never shed a tear.

5. The Cold Wind Blows

And at the very least, I want you all to know that the album is whole heartedly, 100 percent GLC in the raw. A lot of people may have different points of view and different speculations on how I may be but at the end of the day, this will take you in depth. It will show you the true meaning behind Love, Life & Loyalty and it will also help you be a better person. I am a man that’s gone through several trial and tribulations but as opposed to being a product of my environment, I chose to make it a product of me. I got some cold a** beats and some cold a** raps, so at the end of the day, embrace the concept.

You Decide. Will you buy Love, Life & Loyalty?

To purchase Love, Love & Loyalty, just click here.

Check out some footage surrounding the new album below:

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