40 Glocc Gives Game A Pass, “I Ain’t Pressing No Charges, That Sh*t Ain’t Nothing” [Video]

40 Glocc Gives Game A Pass, “I Ain’t Pressing No Charges, That Sh*t Ain’t Nothing” [Video]

G-Unit’s 40 Glocc is letting Game off the hook despite footage from the rapper’s iPhone showing his physical assault on him over the weekend by not pressing criminal charges.

Despite the nasty beatdown, Glocc said he is not seeking police help in their feud.

“I was more shocked the b*tch-a** n*gga chased me down with the pistol and didn’t squeeze,” 40 said in an interview. “I had to talk the n*gga up out of it’ … Me, I don’t give a f*ck; I ain’t pressing no charges — that shit ain’t nothing. You gotta take an L in certain situations. … You gotta get ready for the repeat. … Thank God the n*gga didn’t have a tad bit of me in him — I’d be dead right now.” (Vlad TV)

Yesterday, footage from the physical assault surfaced online.

The Game has since leaked footage of the altercation to WorldStarHipHop.com, showing him chasing and punching his Southern Cali rival, all while recording it on his iPhone. “You gonna put a n**** on the Internet now, n****. You gone put a n**** on the Internet?” an angry Game yells at 40 Glocc in the footage, while people in the background ask him to “let it go.” “Oh, you squaring up? You squaring up, huh?” he continued, before throwing a punch and filming. “Look at me 40 Glocc. Look at 40 Glocc y’all.” (Baller Status)

Details on their publicized dispute surfaced online early Sunday morning.

After leaving a mansion party in Los Angeles, G-Unit affiliate 40 Glocc had guns pulled on him by Game’s crew and got attacked. According to 40 Glocc, Game has around 12 people with him and had 4 guns pointed at him. 40 Glocc was alone when the attack happened. According to 40 Glocc’s twitter, Game pulled a pistol on him. Apparently, Game’s crew took video footage of the altercation, which may be posted soon. 40 Glocc posted a photo of himself smiling after the fight, showing damage to his eye and nose. 40 Glocc has a long history of beef with Game and his Black Wallstreet crew. In May of 2011, 40 Glocc was involved in a massive club brawl with Black Wallstreet member Menace. (24 Hour Hip Hop)

Following the fight, Game quickly hopped on Twitter to boast about what went down.

“”A F*ck N*ggguh That’s That Sh*t I Don’t Like” bang bang “A Snitch N*ggguh That’s That Sh*t I Don’t Like”” (Game’s Twitter)

Check out 40 Glocc’s interview below:

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