40 Glocc Explains Turning Into The “Big, Bad” Rapper

40 Glocc Explains Turning Into The “Big, Bad” Rapper

G-Unit’s Records 40 Glocc recently hit up SOHH to speak on his decision to start going under the new rap alias, “Big Bad 40.”

For 40, the name change was primarily motivated by taking a business stance and disassociating himself with connections to violence.

“It’s ‘Big Bad 4-0′ and 40 Glocc is my alter ego,” 40 told SOHH. “It’s not laid to rest or nothing like that. It pretty much has to deal with me being a business man and I gotta recognize that name carries a certain way of violence. No matter what I would say, even though it’s an acronym, Ghetto Legally Oppressed with Crooked Cops, [it didn’t matter]. Other people aren’t going to see that no matter what I say. So when the radio hears the name they start looking at all of the violence going on and then they try to match it up with my past history or what they ‘think’ my past history is. They can even Wikipedia the name and say, ‘Ah nah, I’m running away from this.’ So I decided to go with the ‘Big Bad.'” (SOHH)

Last summer, 40 officially announced his decision to undergo a name change.

“In a country where freedom of speech is number one on our list of Constitutional rights, I recognize yet another clause in the system and I will not give them another opportunity to use their own laws against me. My former name was always an acronym. 40 represented the 40 acres and a mule they never gave us. Glocc represented Ghettos Legally Oppressed with Crooked Cops. A change has come so this change must be recognized.” (Statement)

In 2009, former G-Unit Records artist Game dropped “The” off of his own rap name.

“It’s just Game now, I took the t-h-e off, you know what I’m saying,” Game confirmed in an interview. “I’m just coastin’ through, day-by-day, somebody got a script, I’ma read it, if it fits me, hopefully I’ll get it. I’m just day-by-day right now. I’m strictly on the color red, I ain’t going no further than that, it’s gonna be the craziest album out of all four of ‘em and it’s the most hood album.” (Hip Hollywood)

Outside of name changes, 40 also recently spoke to SOHH about co-signing rap newcomer Fred the Godson.

“I’m digging Fred the Godson,” 40 told SOHH. “I’ve been following Fred’s music for almost a year now. That dude goes hard, man! I think he definitely deserves more attention and so forth. I don’t think he’s getting the props that he’s really supposed to be getting right now. I think he should be getting more attention. He’s got content. You know what I mean? He’s hard, straight up.” (SOHH)

Check out some recent 40 Glocc footage below:

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