40 Glocc Defends Using Drama For DJ Whoo Kid-Less Album

40 Glocc Defends Using Drama For DJ Whoo Kid-Less Album

With G-Unit Records artist 40 Glocc‘s new Graveyard Shift now in stores, SOHH hit up the rapper to find out why he chose DJ Drama instead of staying in-house and rolling with DJ Whoo Kid to host the project.

Admitting Whoo Kid has done a majority of his releases in the past, 40 said he wanted to capitalize off an opportunity to work with Drama.

“For this album, I wanted to deal with Drama because I had never really done anything with him,” 40 told SOHH when asked why he skipped out on working with G-Unit’s DJ Whoo Kid. “So I hit up Drama and asked him, ‘Yo Drama, I want to know if you could do this and that?’ And he was down with it and was like, ‘H*ll yeah,’ he really wanted to participate. So I felt it was only right. All of my mixtapes have pretty much been done with Whoo Kid so for this one I stepped out and went with Drama and this mixtape really came to become an album. So we ended up making this an album and not a mixtape. A lot of people think when they see Drama it’s only a mixtape but nah, this is an album and Drama is doing the skits for us and sharing the creativity. He’s also keeping the album crunked.” (SOHH)

This week, 40 offered up a few reasons why fans should cop his new LP.

“The second reason is because you’re getting a chance to grow with me. It’s a process…it’s about growth. This is a chance for the fans and everybody to get to live my life with me. We’re bonded together through the music. My growth includes the content, the music, my life, me. It’s everything. You can listen and tell what I’m talking about on here. When you hear the album, you’ll hear different situations that you can relate to. That’s what you get out of me. You get me as a person growing, you get me as everything. We all make mistakes in life and you get to watch it. My life is open to the public.” (Buy My Record)

Outside of music, he recently opened up about the forthcoming 2Pac biopic.

“From what I heard, they haven’t fully started working on it yet,” 40 explained to SOHH. “I would hope that it depicts what he was really about and it should come out really dope. Surely enough he was the people’s person and the people would see him on the street, so I hope the film shows that type of person. Don’t entitle him to this form where he was this big celebrity superstar that nobody touched him and talked to him. He was the type of dude who had everything but you could still see him at the corner liquor store.” (SOHH)

He also gave SOHH his Top 5 favorite rappers of all time.

“I want to name Snoop Dogg to start off with..I gotta include Ice Cube next…Definitely have to put Eazy E in there…Kurupt’s in my Top 5 list…And I’m gonna end this with E-40 in there.” (Top 5 Dead Or Alive)

Check out a past 40 Glocc interview below:

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