2Pac’s Pal Busts Shots At Justin Bieber, Shreds His Street Cred [Video]

2Pac’s Pal Busts Shots At Justin Bieber, Shreds His Street Cred [Video]

Digital Underground’s Money B has come forward to speak out on pop star Justin Bieber recently making headlines for hanging out with Rick Ross and dropping Tupac Shakur lyrics in a club. #BustShots

The hip-hip veteran warned Biebs of just how confident he should feel about representing Pac globally.

Money B — part of the legendary rap group Digital Underground — says Justin Bieber might hang out with a few famous black people … but doesn’t mean he wouldn’t get his ass beat in the hood.Bieber has upped his street cred quest by hanging with Rick Ross and trying to rap to 2Pac at a club … a move that hits close to home for Money B, since Pac got his start with Digital Underground and Money B appeared on 2Pac’s song “I Get Around.” Money B thinks Justin doesn’t have any real black friends … just a few famous acquaintances … and that doesn’t give him a hood pass — not even close. (TMZ)

Footage and photos of Ricky Rozay and the Biebs showing love to the late Pac surfaced online earlier this month.

The 20-year-old Canadian pop star appeared shirtless at a club in Cannes and did his best version of a Tupac classic. Bieber, who was at Club Gotha with Rick Ross, rapped along to the Tupac song “Dear Mama.” He also hopped on stage to join Ross as the rapper performed on stage. The singer was in France to catch the Cannes Film Festival. He later tweeted a picture of himself posing with Ross with the caption “Boss.” (NY Daily News)

Back in February, rap star T.I. addressed the negative attention Bieber had received.

“All of us as adults has had that transitional period where we’ve had to evolve from adolescence to manhood. He’s doing it in the limelight, in the eyes of the public and all the entrapments that come with being a celebrity and playing with a hundred million liquid. It was hard enough for me to become a man with a hundred thousand. A hundred million? I can imagine the mistakes that could be made. I just try and offer insight wherever needed.” (“Arsenio”)

Over Memorial Day Weekend, rap star Lil Wayne shouted out Bieber but singled out his manager Scooter Braun.

“Eh, straight up. This my n*gga Lil Twist right here. I heard that n*gga got a b*tch a** n*gga named Scooter that be running with my little brother Justin Bieber! That’s my little brother, Justin Bieber, I heard this b*tch a** n*gga Scooter talking sh*t about my little brother! N*gga, this my motherf*ckin’ brother! Anything you got to say, when you see us say it to my motherf*ckin’ face and when you ‘do’ happen to say it to my motherf*ckin’ face, I ain’t gonna make you eat them words n*gga. I’ma put them b*tches on your tombstone. Tunechi! Lil Twist! Young Money! We just came from France with my little brother Justin Bieber. F*ck you Scooter!” (Bread Over Bed)


Check out Money B’s interview:

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