2Pac Wanted To Join No Limit Records, Reveals Master P

2Pac Wanted To Join No Limit Records, Reveals Master P

No Limit Records boss Master P recently revealed how close he came to signing Tupac Shakur to his renowned music company and how much of a close-knit relationship they had.

Although Master P managed to sign former Death Row Records rapper Snoop Dogg to No Limit, he could not cash in on the late 2Pac.

“To be honest wit’chu, at one time, I was thinking about signing Tupac,” replied P when asked by DX if there were any other big-name free agents, in addition to Snoop Dogg, that The Colonel tried to bring over to Hip Hop’s most successful label of the 1990s. According to Master P, he attempted to sign the Oakland-based Tupac several years before No Limit’s commercial explosion, when the label had yet to center its operations in P’s native New Orleans, Louisiana and was still headquartered in Richmond, California as one of several up-and-coming Bay Area independent labels. “[Tupac] was liking the movement of what we was doing,” explained P, “but we wasn’t fully there yet. … That was one little piece that I was looking at like, ‘You know what? This could be alright.'” (HHDX)

Percy Miller also said Pac was just one amongst numerous artists who wanted to take their talent to No Limit.

“Everybody was interested in No Limit,” replied P when asked if ‘Pac personally expressed interest in enlisting as a No Limit soldier. “I don’t think there was one person in the music business that wasn’t interested in being a part of that movement.” (HHDX)

Back in 2009, G.O.O.D Music’s Pusha T told SOHH The Clipse almost sided with Master P’s label.

“We honestly were gonna sign with P,” Pusha revealed. “We were gonna sign with P. We were thinking about signing with P, definitely. Definitely. Some type of collaborative situation, you got to understand who P was to us at that time, I mean even the area. I mean, like, that whole movement was so crazy to us. The Neptunes are still right there but it was just gonna be another facet to me. Whatever happened, the business of course, they came to DC, we shot a video up there.” (SOHH)

Master P officially relaunched No Limit two years ago after some previous financial woes.

After the label filed for bankruptcy over 7 years ago, Master P’s family is announcing their intentions to re-launch his once highly profitable record imprint, No Limit. Master P’s son, Romeo Miller (formerly known as Lil’ Romeo), is taking over the reigns as the president of the renamed “No Limit Forever” label, while Master P’s brother Silkk the Shocker will serve as COO and their cousin, Black Don, is being named Senior VP of A&R. (Prefix Mag)

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