News: Game Reacts To G-Unit Reunion: "Seeing Them Back Together, That Was Cool" [Video]

Friday, Jun 20, 2014 8:46PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

West Coast rapper Game has finally offered his take on seeing his former label mates Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo, Young Buck and 50 Cent coming together for a G-Unit reunion. #RoundOfApplause

Instead of throwing salt on the headline-generating news, Game applauded the Unit reuniting.

"Speaking of 50, man. Congrats on G-Unit getting back together. That was cool, man. I saw the pictures online and I actually, genuinely, from my heart, I thought it was a cool thing, man. Especially for Buck who was a good friend of mine, man. I just think that anything that keeps him going musically is dope. Yayo, 50, and Banks I haven't talked to in a long time. But just seeing them back together that was cool, man. I thought that was dope. ... [Me coming back?] Skee, you work that out. Work it out. ... It might be a good time [to rejoin]." (SKEE TV)

When asked about the status of G-Unit this past winter, 50 Cent hinted at plans to possibly drop a group project alongside Banks and Yayo.

"Tell me where's the interest from G-Unit members. You got new guys out there that don't have the support of record companies and are working, just to sustain and generate that energy that's there. I like to collaborate with them, did it for a long time. Maybe there's a point that we'll come back together and make a disc. And whom do you mean when you say the whole G-Unit? ... It'll never be five. That'll never happen. I don't even know if that's possible because I don't talk to them. I haven't had communications with Young Buck since he been out of jail. I'll never work with Game." (Complex)

Curtis Jackson also discussed his thoughts on Young Buck trying to get his feet wet in the music biz again.

"I hope he get it. But for me, I couldn't move forward with the things that I want if I was concentrating on holding someone else back. Buck is out and active, but even when saying you seen him doing stuff: Where are the other members? See what I'm saying. You see the news and all the video stuff, I guess they expect me to shoot it and do it." (Complex)

Game previously there were no plans to reunite with his one-time boss.

"No. [I'm feud-less?] That's not true. I will tell you, I went to Trader Joe's yesterday and, no, the dude collecting the carts hit my car with, like, 20 carts. He left a dent and we beefin'. [laughs] [G-Unit reunion?] Ah, [laughs], no, we couldn't be further apart," Game said when asked if a G-Unit reunion was near. "[Couldn't be] further apart, man. We tried." ("Arsenio")


Check out Game's interview:

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