News: Wiz Khalifa Arrested Down South, Sends Selfies Behind Bars

Sunday, May 25, 2014 5:03PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Taylor Gang leader Wiz Khalifa is making headlines this Memorial Day Weekend after being arrested in Texas early Sunday (May 25) on a drug possession charge. #FreeWiz

Details of Wiz's unexpected run-in with law enforcement have emerged online.

Rapper Wiz Khalifa (real name Cameron Thomaz) was arrested Sunday morning after being stopped by a TSA officer at the El Paso International Airport, E! News has confirmed. "The TSA Officer learned that Thomaz did not have any identification which led to him being sent for secondary screening," El Paso Chief of Police Gregory K. Allen said in a statement. "During that screening the TSA Officer located a metal container inside of the backpack which contained a prohibited item." (E! Online)

Despite the high-profile arrest, reports claim Khalifa had less than a full gram of marijuana.

The "prohibited item" was later confirmed to be 0.5 grams of weed. The 26-year-old Khalifa was charged with possession of marijuana (a misdemeanor) and taken to El Paso County Detention Facility where his bond was set at $300. His bond was posted and he is currently in the process of being released. (E! Online)

Following the arrest, Khalifa made a public movement from his Twitter page.

Amber Rose's husband then took to live tweeting his arrest from his jail cell. "Free Trap Wiz," he captioned a photo of his jail door. He then shared a somber-looking selfie from inside his lockup. Ironically, the rapper was set to release his new single "28 Grams," but the release was delayed while he was in jail. "They're tryna figure out how many grams I had," he tweeted. "How ironic." When a fan asked why he was behind bars, Khalifa replied, "what else?" (Us Magazine)

No stranger to police, Khalifa has found himself in handcuffs on multiple accounts.

In 2010, Wiz was arrested on drug charges in North Carolina, after which he also took to Twitter. And in 2012, the rapper was ticketed for marijuana possession in the same state. (MTV)


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