News: Ashanti Makes A Big Splash, Shows Skin In Sizzlin' NSFW Pics

Thursday, May 8, 2014 5:26PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

R&B singer Ashanti has the Internet sizzling today (May 8) after releasing a few steamy photos of herself in a hot tub onto Instagram. #SizzlerAlert

In the new shots, Ashanti is shown wearing a bikini outfit and red New York Yankees hat in Las Vegas.

It's Thursday, so you know what that means: Celebs are setting their Thirst Traps on Instagram in order to get a bunch of likes, some totally inappropriate comments from dudes who want to suck farts out of their butts, and a minor, fleeting boost to their egos. Ashanti, who is apparently hanging out in Las Vegas, posted some smoking hot photos to her Instagram today of her chilling in a hot tub. Peep the one above and the other one below. And please, stop drooling. (Complex)

Ashanti recently admitted hooking up with 50 Cent could really raise eyebrows.

You recently that said that you've made up with 50. Will you be open to the idea of working with him? (Laughs) I don't know. That would really be something which would shock the world. But will you be open to the idea? I really don't know. I know him and [Fat] Joe did a record and I never saw that coming so we'll see. (HHNM)

Recently, Ashanti said fans failed to realize the notorious Murder Inc./G-Unit feud involved more than just music.

"You have the term 'guilty by association' and it's funny because I've had plenty of conversations with 'thugs' [laughs] and plenty of dudes and even with Fif, it was never aimed at [me]. [50 said 'It's just your crew.'] I caught stray bullets. ... People have to understand it wasn't just 50 and G-Unit and Murder Inc.. It was 50 and G-Unit, Murder Inc., the federal indictment, going to court. And then it was crazy because it was Irv and Ja going through issues, but it would be my picture on the cover of the [New York] Post. I didn't have anything to do with that." ("The Grio")

A few months ago, the R&B vixen revealed rumored ex-boyfriend Nelly helped an apology from 50 Cent go down at the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards.

During a radio interview with America's DJ Whoo Kid, who is signed to G-Unit Records, she explained, "I would see 50 every now and again and I never had a problem. He didn't seem like he had a problem. But, the first time we kind of 'spoke' so to speak, we were at the Vmas in Vegas and Nelly was like, 'Yo, you need to apologize to my girl'. "We were in front of everybody and, you know, 50 has a personality. He was like, 'Ashanti I'm sorry! I'm sorry, Ashanti!'" (Contact Music)

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