News: Ma$e Harlem Shakes Church Critics, Betha Could Have Saved Michael Jackson?

Tuesday, Apr 1, 2014 10:14AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Former Bad Boy Records stud Ma$e is reportedly not losing any sleep over recent backlash he has received about balancing church/hip-hop and is moving forward with his rap career.

According to reports, Mason Betha believes he has a duty to maintain both facets of his life.

But sources close to Mase say he doesn't see any issue doing both jobs ... because he's really using his street cred to infiltrate hip-hop and ultimately plans to bring rappers closer to Christ. Like a "Mission: Impossible" agent ... for Jesus. Churchgoers tell us Mase has said his renewed spiritual calling was motivated by Michael Jackson's death -- and he feels he could have saved MJ if he'd been around to council him. We don't know if anyone in church is buying this, but it's what Mase is preaching. (TMZ)

Days away from New Year's Eve, Betha unleashed his "Why Can't We" song.

After a lengthy hiatus from the music, Ma$e has released a new song called "Why Can't We." He shouts out Drake and Kanye West in the beginning the song, acknowledging the fact that both artists are huge fans of his style. He then proceeds to spit two verses with references ranging from 2Pac to Toni Kukoc. "Why Can't We" is a smooth, signature Ma$e song with female vocals that are currently credited to "Her." The song will appear on the Harlemite's upcoming project, Now We Even. (Complex)

In October, Ma$e resorted to his Instagram page to break the news of a follow-up project to 2004's Welcome Back LP.

"No abbreviations use #NOWWEEVEN that's the only conversation I'm having. y€$ #NOWWEEVEN is the album title... Lets make it happen!!! Right now I'm listening to all my early freestyles & songs... This got to be something special. A couple free shows & visits #NOWWEEVEN. I'm listening also to Life after Death, All Eyes On Me and Reasonable Doubt... Just so u know what I'm thinking. #NOWWEEVEN. @iamdiddy should be on MY album unless he gets saved and leave music... LM_ _ O #NOWWEEVEN. TO ME @Mr_Camron IS HOMETEAM. SO "NO" we don't have any beefs. I can only comment on what is factually correct! #NOWWEEVEN. @iamdiddy I forgot I was the first SeanJohn super model... we should definitely be even!!! #NOWWEEVEN." (Mase's Instagram)

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