News: With Jail Bid Over His Head, Gucci Mane Refuses To Slow Down

Monday, Mar 10, 2014 4:15PM

Written by Rosario Harper

Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane may be looking at an extensive stay behind bars but that's not stopping him from releasing new music in the coming weeks.

According to a tweet posted onto his Twitter account, multiple Gucci-related projects are slated to arrive beginning next month.

"Young Thugga Mane LaFlare & The Brick Factory vol 1 both droppin April 1st. Tomorrow 2 exclusives will drop ya'll get ready #Burrr," a tweet posted March 9 reads. (Gucci Mane's Twitter)

Recently, R&B singer Trey Songz dished out some advice for Gucci.

"Nah," Songz laughingly said when asked about if it's safe to take advice from a fellow inmate. "I mean, the thing about Gucci is he's a gangsta. He'll figure it out either way. But Gucci's done been locked up so many times, the next time he's done for sure. Gucci, I love you to death, you my [pal], I love you, you can't keep getting locked up. That's not rich n*gga sh*t. That's not rich n*gga. Rich n*ggas don't keep getting locked up. That's trap n*gga sh*t. You can't be a trap n*gga forever. That's all it comes down to. You feel me?" (TMZ)

Back in December, Gucci received bad news in court after being indicted on felony charges.

Rapper Gucci Mane was charged in federal court Tuesday with two counts of possessing a firearm as a felon after two September incidents during which he showed a gun and threatened police, according to the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Northern District of Georgia. Reports at the time indicated that the "Lemonade" rhymer was arrested in Atlanta on September 14 after a friend flagged down police to say he was concerned about the rapper's behavior. (CNN)

Mane found himself in handcuffs after a couple of September incidents.

Early Sept. 14, a man who said he was a friend of the rapper's called police to say Davis was walking down the street behaving violently, according to a police report. When police arrived, Davis smelled strongly of marijuana, cursed at them, called them names and threatened to shoot them, the report says. Police arrested him on a disorderly conduct charge and found a clear baggie with what they believe was marijuana and a loaded .40-caliber Glock handgun, the report says. An ambulance was called, and Davis was sedated and taken to Grady Memorial Hospital for treatment. (ABC News)

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