News: Lil Boosie Targets Jay Z's Road To Riches: "I Know It'll Take A Little Time"

Wednesday, Mar 19, 2014 10:30AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Louisiana rapper Lil Boosie is not satisfied with a title like "King of the South" and has dished on wanting to reach the same mogul status as Roc Nation head Jay Z.

Boosie Bad Azz recently talked about his admiration for Young Hov and how he would reach the top.

While he was behind bars, the 31-year-old become a rap champion of sorts, and now that the "Free Boosie" movement can happily quell, the Louisiana native wants to lift himself to "Jay Z status," he tells In the future, he aspires to spread out in different directions, like Hov has done with the Roc Nation record label, in addition to sports, film, and management ventures. Climbing up to Jay's level is a slow journey, and one that Bossie says he's ready for. "I know it'll take a little time." (BET)

While fans have to wait for its full-length release, behind-the-scenes footage from Boosie and fellow Louisiana rapper Webbie's "Show the World" shoot landed online last week.

Boosie been busy since his release from prison. Having taken his first selfie, dropped a freestyle on the ride home from the pen, and held a press conference, he's now back with his old running mate Webbie, shooting a video for their song "Show the World.' Kids, remember what Webbie says, stay in school. Also, don't forget to wear your Jimmy Graham jersey backwards. (Complex)

Recently, UGK's Bun B spoke on how Boosie's blazing buzz could potentially put him in sticky situations.

"Boosie finna come home and take a lot of n*ggas' spots. Take a lot of people's money. You know what I'm saying? So he's going to have some haters that want to see a brother violate. Try to put him in a position to violate. We as his brothers got to stand tall and make sure that we can the snakes coming and keep them away from the brother." (AHH)

A new photo of Boosie Bad Azz and Roc Nation's Jeezy surfaced online a few days ago.

Are Lil Boosie and Jeezy making new music together? They were spotted in the studio recently in a photo taken by Motion Family. They worked with each other before. On Boosie's Superbad: The Return of Boosie Bad Azz Jeezy was featured on "Better Believe It." Boosie was featured on two of Jeezy's projects. His "Turn Up or Die" single off It's Tha World back in 2012 and The Recession's "Everything" in 2008. (XXL Mag)

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