News: Just Blaze & Countless Others Spend Dolo On Polo, Secret Employee Discount Leaks

Tuesday, Mar 18, 2014 2:00PM

Written by Rosario Harper

Music producer Just Blaze and handfuls of Twitter users may be dressed fresh to death in the near future after reportedly cashing in on a huge unauthorized Ralph Lauren sale last night (March 17).

Blaze boasted about dropping some serious cash on Polo gear Monday (March 17) night.

"This Ralph Lauren discount code hack job is about the be the fiasco of all fiascos.," Blaze tweeted March 17.
"Don't get it twisted tho. I dropped 5k myself lol. We'll see what happens."
"Bought half the site haha. This should be good. "@hush___: @JustBlaze lmaooooo. of course you did. lol.""
"I may as well order one of everything. Logging back in."
"oh noes! At least I got my spring wardrobe for Marshall's money. "@_JD214_: @JustBlaze The jig is up b, the code is off.""
"Son. I just ordered another 10 pair of shoes. 2 bags and a few more jackets. I gotta log off. 37 pieces tonight. This is awesome. Lol." (Just Blaze's Twitter)

Although the site finally caught onto the craze, reports claim the initial purchases will be accepted.

People who love to get their hands on Ralph Lauren attire, but are working on a budget, got a surprise last night when a code for 65 percent off appeared on Instagram. Twitter erupted with people buying in bulk, sharing their experiences on the social media site. Apparently, someone got their hands on an employee discount code and shared it with the world. Currently, news is that Ralph Lauren will honor any purchases made before midnight that took advantage of the deal. (Wall Street Insanity)

Reports claim the e-commerce craze all stemmed from an employee discount code leaking.

The late night/early morning hours of March 17, 2014, will forever live in Twitter infamy. If you're asking why, it's clear that you missed a once in a lifetime blessing -- a Ralph Lauren employee discount code hitting the Internets. Ordinarily, a simple 30 percent off signals heaven's favor for 'Lo Heads near and far, but last night, the blessings were more bountiful. An unprecedented 65 percent discount had Black Twitter in a key pushing, mouse clicking frenzy, and will surely have the masses draped in gear for months to come. (HHW)

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