News: Frank Ocean Wrapped Into $425,000 Chipotle Dispute [Video]

Saturday, Mar 8, 2014 11:45AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

R&B singer Frank Ocean is making headlines this weekend after reportedly being sued for thousands of dollars over a business dispute with burrito chain Chipotle Mexican Grill.

Details of the hefty situation have started to scatter across the Internet.

Frank Ocean wanted to have his burrito and eat it too -- metaphorically speaking -- because Chipotle Mexican Grill just sued the singer for backing out of an ad ... for what seems like the most ridiculous reason. According to the suit, filed today in L.A. County ... Chipotle signed Frank to a $425,000 deal to sing a remake of "Pure Imagination" for a new animated ad. But Chipotle claims Frank never recorded the track because when they showed him the final cut ... Frank was pissed the company's logo appeared at the end of the spot. To reiterate ... he was mad Chipotle's logo was in a Chipotle advertisement. (TMZ)

Reports claim Chipotle had already paid Ocean a $200,000 advance for the commercial spot.

The restaurant says it got an email from Frank's people claiming Frank thought he was promised final say over the recording and all promotional materials -- and believed the company was in breach when it refused to remove its logo. Chipotle is suing to get back the $212,500 advance it paid Ocean. By the way, Fiona Apple ended up doing the spot instead of Frank. (TMZ)

On a lighter note, Ocean inked an open blog post last November following an extensive music biz hiatus.

"mind is pretty blank right now. i'm sitting in my kitchen listening to age of consent by new order. i like this song.. i f*ck with that gwen stefani song 'cool' too, i never knew 3000 played keyboards on it- sounds like some teen coming of age movie. i used my birthday week pass to stay in my apartment for too long.. sit still and catch up on some information. i saw that movie 'glengarry glen ross' and 'bottle rocket', 'pi', 'blackfish' (sea world is the devil), 'this is the end' (hahaha), 'the purge'(smh), some funny horror movie i forgot the name of '...' " (Frank Ocean's Tumblr)

Aside from discussing a few literary works, Ocean also hinted at being back to his music-making ways again.

"my homie in aussie suggested that i read 'mr. norris changes trains'.. the writing was really nice. i read 'the new jim crow' it made me not f*ck with humans for an hour. oh and 'difficult men' which talked about great tv ..dexter, the wire, the sopranos, breaking bad and whatnot. i didn't watch any news or read it ...figured all that shit was gonna happen either way. i'm back to work these days." (Frank Ocean's Tumblr)

Check out the television spot:

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