News: 50 Cent Gets At Jimmy Henchman Again: "Yayo Smack The Sh*t Outta Kid, Now Jimmy Got Life, Go Smack Him Again" [Audio]

Friday, Mar 14, 2014 5:11PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

G-Unit head 50 Cent is sparking growing interest in his upcoming Animal Ambition solo album with the release of its newest single, "Hold On."

Fif unleashed his new track to the masses on Friday (March 14).

After debuting the song at SXSW earlier this week, 50 Cent unleashes the studio version of "Hold On," the first of two new songs off his upcoming independent album Animal Ambition: An Untamed Desire to Win. "I got the Midas touch, sometimes it's hard as hell not to touch stuff," boasts Curtis. On Tuesday, he will also release the Yo Gotti-assisted "Don't Worry 'Bout It." A new track will drop each Tuesday until May 20, while the album arrives June 3 featuring a collaboration with Trey Songz ("Smoke"). (Rap-Up)

The New York native also reserves a few lines for incarcerated rap foe James "Jimmy Henchman" Rosemond.

"Sometimes it's hard as h*ll not to touch stuff," Fif raps. "On the phone I heard Yayo smacked the sh*t outta kid/Now Jimmy got life, go smack him again/When it's war, it'll be war until the bitter end/If they ever say we lose, I'll start it again/That sneaky n*gga sprayed that semi at your mama crib/With a silencer, we couldn't even hear the sh*t" ("Hold On")

Recently, Fif said his growing stash of music and interest in keeping the records refreshing had kept Animal Ambition shelved.

Due to the countless delays of "Animal Ambition," 50 had to "reapproach the record": "It's been so long that I had to rebuild my record. I can't put out what I made yesterday today." "This album is prosperity. It's the positive and negative effects of prosperity. If I'm doing too good, it's actually not good in front of people. Prosperity makes them think you're doing better than them, that brings envy and jealousy which then brings negative energy," 50 says of the album. "You will constantly go, 'Wow, I know why you said that right there.' You get an effect of prosperity in each song; even the celebrations, which are inspired by things going on the right way." (Billboard)

Earlier this month, Curtis Jackson credited rap heavyweights Nas and Rakim for heavily influencing the upcoming release.

"When I fell in love with hip-hop it was more important that you had your own style than you being able to master a version of Rakim or a version of another artist's style," he says alluding to artist he has publicly called his idol. "Nobody does that better than [Rakim]. Even with new content that flow is still his flow. Nas is [also] one of those guys...he has his own. Even if some people make comparisons that was just Queensbridge, man. That period for me...Mobb Deep, Prodigy is in his own class in my mind." (VIBE)

Check out "Hold On":

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