News: Pharrell Breaks Silence On Now-Iconic Grammys Hat: "Trust Me, If I Knew What It Was Going To Do..." [Audio]

Tuesday, Feb 4, 2014 11:02AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

The Neptunes' Pharrell Williams has finally stepped forward to break his silence on raising eyebrows at last month's Grammy Awards for donning a now-infamous oversized hat.

Instead of hyping up the situation, Williams downplayed the interest he generated.

"I was just wearing a hat. Trust me, if I knew what it was going to do, you just never know those things. It's just pure extinct. Some people like it and some people are like, 'What is that?' But at the end of the day, I sleep good, I rest good knowing that it's just me expressing myself. I just don't understand people who live in a box and are really comfortable saying, 'Me too.' It's so weird to me." ("Big Boy's Neighborhood")

While details are slim, reports claim Skateboard P rocked the head candy during a photo shoot last week.

It was all the buzz at the Grammys on Sunday. And now Pharrell Williams is making his gigantic brown mountain hat his trademark fashion statement. The 40-year-old once again wore his infamous headpiece while on a photo shoot in L.A. on Wednesday. This time Pharrell paired his large fedora with a grey sweatshirt from his clothing line Billionaire Boy's Club - only this one said Billionaire Girls Club - a couple of gold chains, jeans and a pair of rugged boots. The singer made the look appear quite natural as he talked with various people on the set of the photo shoot. (Daily Mail UK)

An unexpected, hilarious must-see music video centered on the hat had started to make its rounds online a few days ago.

Even after adding to his Grammy collection this past Sunday, it's nice to see Pharrell doesn't take himself too seriously. Joining the entire Internet (including a sandwich chain) in poking fun at his Vivienne Westwood hat, Skateboard P's iamOTHER company has reworked part of his viral "Happy" video to feature his Arby's/Smokey the Bear/Canadian Mountain Police headpiece. The result? "Hatty." (Miss Info TV)

According to reports, there is now massive interest by consumers to purchase the hat.

After the hat was identified as an item from Vivienne Westwood's 1982 collection, the website for her World's End shop (where it is exclusively sold) crashed due to high traffic, a rep for the brand said. (It's now back online.) A sales representative at the Vivienne Westwood boutique in West Hollywood, the brand's only free-standing store in the States, tells the Cut that there have been "plenty of people inquiring about how they can order it" since Sunday, and too many phone calls to count. (NY Mag)

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