News: Kanye West Sees Yeezus Growing In Chief Keef: "Kanye Sees A Lot Of Rebelliousness In Himself"

Thursday, Feb 6, 2014 1:54PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Days after a photo of Kanye West and Chief Keef heated up the Internet, the Chicago rap newcomer's manager has stepped forward to provide some more insight.

According to manager Peeda Pan, fans can look forward to feeling Ye's presence on Keef's upcoming Bang 3 project.

"Yeah, they working on a few songs for each other's projects," says Keef's manager Peeda Pan, who was responsible for taking the flick. "Kanye will definitely be on Keef's album on Bang 3." After the photo circulated on the Internet, loyal followers of the two Chicago MCs were speculating if they were in the midst of recording something. Peeda Pan says Kanye initially wanted to connect with Keef and the two just clicked once again. "He reached out and its great for someone like Kanye from Chicago and where he stands in the game to be able to reach out to that younger generation of Chicago and for them to be able to work," he says. "I'll just put it to you like this: They have several new songs. They'll be collaborating and they'll be released this year." (XXL Mag)

Peeda also spoke on how much Mr. West embraces Keef's rebellious side.

Keef was one of the hand-selected MCs who headed out to Paris to work with 'Ye. Peeda Pan explained Kanye likes working with Keef because they are both natives of Chicago. While many may think they are complete opposites, the bond they share from reppin' the Chi shows in their chemistry. "There's just certain things you and that person will have in common and you can identify that person's upbringing and their struggle," he says. "So I think, Kanye sees a lot of Keef's rebelliousness in himself and he identifies with it. It's also a mentor kind of thing. More musically for someone like 'Ye versus just being the day-to-day. But still, just to be able to have that presence [and] being involved in a project." (XXL Mag)

Buzz about the Chicago natives hooking up bubbled across the Internet earlier this week.

Despite Chief Keef's record for bad behavior charting more headlines than his music, he may have still found a shoulder to lean on in Kanye West. The "Hold My Liquor" collaborators were spotted together, alongside Interscope A&R Executive Vice President, Larry Jackson, with the caption: "#bang3" on Twitter, sparking rumors that the two would collaborate on Keef's forthcoming mixtape. Glo Gang member, King Dris, posted the pic on Instagram Saturday (Feb. 1). (VIBE)

Atlanta producer Mill Will Made It recently revealed Kanye would contribute to rapper Future's long-awaited solo effort.

At Clive Davis' annual pre-Grammy Gala, the producer revealed his current focus: executive producing R&B crooner Future's next album. "We have some good collaborations on there like Nicki Minaj, Drake, Kanye West, Pharrell, Pusha T. It's a real dope album and it should be eventful when it comes out," Mike WiLL Made It told Rolling Stone on the red carpet. "We're trying to figure out the exact date right now." (Rolling Stone)

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