News: T.I. Says It's Time To Get Tough Again: "People Forgot How Fun Gangster S**t Is"

Tuesday, Jan 28, 2014 11:35AM

Written by Rosario Harper

Grammy-winning rapper T.I. recently updated fans on the status of his upcoming Paperwork solo album and explained why a return to more gangster-like vibes is very necessary in 2014.

In Tip's perspective, music is losing some of its hardcore essence it embodied two decades ago.

"People forgot how fun gangster sh*t is. People forgot how exciting it is to really live on the dangerous side of life," he says. "Just people forgot the feeling that you got when [you] watched Boyz In The Hood for the first time. Or when you heard All Eyez On Me for the first time. Right now, music is going in a different direction and it is in a different place. I salute and celebrate that path as well. However, there's a place for the story that needs to be told from our perspective." (XXL Mag)

The "King of the South" also spoke on the amount of studio time he has clocked in alongside The Neptunes' Pharrell Williams.

He adds about his sessions with Pharrell: "Also, me and Pharrell have a plethora [of songs]. We probably done recorded 14 records. Pharrell and I alone. Words couldn't even begin to describe how cutting-edge, left-field and just how broad these records are. But they still have that texture that I speak of. They still have that Curtis Mayfield, Bobby Womack, a ridin' dirty kind of ... but a new way to present it to the world because it has that thing that Pharrell does to music that sets it apart from any and everything else that's being played." (XXL Mag)

Last month, Tip said recent work alongside Skateboard P had sparked some fresh album motivation.

"Since we started working on the project and the project started has taken a different shape, I think we're going to postpone that title," T.I. said on Wednesday (December 11) when he appeared on "RapFix Live." "We're gonna rework that. I got a couple of things in mind." "All I'ma say is, it's gonna be a motion picture, it's gonna be a theatrical-worthy title. Something that will definitely seem instant classic," he said in a very assuring tone. "I'm thinking something like Trap Champion, Paperwork, but whatever it is the subtitle will be The Motion Picture." (MTV)

The Atlanta rapper recently clarified his label situation and why Hustle Gang was still independent.

"Let me clarify," Tip said in an interview. "Hustle Gang, we still independent. They're just, we're just here for the next T.I. project. Not to say that Hustle Gang is off the table because, you know, we felt like we had some partners at one time but I think since we made the move that we made for T.I's project, I don't know if those partners of ours is still at the table. That's still up for discussion. But as of right now, Hustle Gang is still moving independently." (Hood Rich Radio)

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