News: Papoose Goes Off On TV Network: "That Fake Story About The Queen & Myself Is Totally False"

Friday, Jan 31, 2014 6:00PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

New York rapper Papoose has stepped forward to call out a television network over its portrayal of his incarcerated hip-hop artist wife Remy Ma and hinted at politics playing a role.

Pap unleashed some fury toward the ID Channel about a broadcast it aired this week.

"That fake story on the ID channel about #TheQueen @freeremyma and myself is totally #false #thingspeopledoformoney Television (Tell Lie Vision)," Pap wrote January 31. (Papoose's Instagram)

Tweets from the network's official page referenced the episode's content.

"Rising rap star Remy Ma bonds with a girl-next-door type, Makeda. They become fast friends. Too fast? #Frenemies starts at 9/8c.," a tweet read January 30.
"Remy Ma was at the top of her game. But a betrayal sent a fractured friendship to the breaking point. #Frenemies starts at 9/8c."
"Broken trust. Betrayal. The story of Remy Ma and Makeda Barnes-Joseph begins on #Frenemies now."
"Remy Ma was a @betawards 2005 winner and @thegrammys nominee. #Frenemies"
"On Mar 27, 2008 Remy Ma was found guilty of intentional assault and sentenced to 8 years. She continues to proclaim innocence. #Frenemies" (Discovery ID's Twitter)

Back in November, Pap said Remy could be a free woman by this upcoming summer.

"Went 2c Rem yesterday she focused get ready America July 2014 it's on #freeremy #40belowflow #hoodieseason #thatsmyword Real females do real things!!," Pap posted onto his Instagram page November 29. (Papoose's Instagram)

In 2012, Pap said he used her legal crunch as a constant reminder of what could happen to him.

"It don't mess with me at all," Papoose said in an interview. "It actually inspires me. It inspires me to do better, because that could be me in that situation. It could be you or anybody living in this country. None of us are exempt from that; it could happen to any one of us. Everybody that's incarcerated is not guilty." (Good Fella Meda)

Back in October 2011, Remy detailed her current living arrangement behind bars.

"At 8-o'clock you have to go to whatever your program is. Like, before I was working at inmate grieving. It's where everybody goes with whatever their problems in the jail is. But now, from 8am to 11:00am I'm suppose to be mowing lawns and weed whacking and sh*t like that. Between 12:00pm and 12:30pm, they'll probably call the Mess Hall. If it's grilled cheese or pizza I'll have to go to the Mess Hall; other wise, I just sit in my cell and just read or paint my nails or write or do my hair. From 1:00pm to 4:00pm you have a program again. Then after 4:00pm I'm back. Probably make something to eat or whatever. I try to eat before 5:00pm. I have [a] girl [and] we play Scrabble, Monopoly, Backgammon-- every game out. Like, I'm a game master. Like any type of board game--I'm a champion, like I'm trying to get to 700 points. The most I ever had was like 680 something." (XXL Mag)

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