News: Game Shows How Much His Daughter Rides W/ Ex-Rap Foe's Wife [Video]

Saturday, Jan 4, 2014 9:48PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

West Coast rapper Game is proving his past gripe with Jay Z is a thing of the past after showing off his daughter representing for Jigga's wife, Beyoncé Knowles-Carter, during a recent family outing.

Game posted up some unexpected footage of his daughter Cali Dream singing Queen Bey's "Drunk in Love" heading into the weekend.

Miley Cyrus may not be coming for Queen Bey's crown, but The Game's daughter is ready to fill those shoes. The Compton rapper shared footage of three-year-old Cali singing along to Beyoncé on Instagram. While en route to McDonald's with her dad, the adorable Cali, who stars on Game's VH1 show "Marrying The Game," does her best rendition of "Drunk in Love." She belts out the lyrics ("Surfboard, surfboard") and even raps some of Jay Z's verse. "Well, that was a short nap & @littlemisscali must've had a dream she was Beyoncé because this is happening right now on our way to McDonald's !!!!" tweeted Game. (Rap-Up)

Back in December 2012, Game said he wanted to spark a dispute with Young Hov to build up his buzz as a rap newcomer.

"It wasn't that I resented Jay-Z or had any real beef. I just wanted to pick a fight and maybe he would spit at me and I could spit at him and get into a lyrical war -- I tried and he responded with little lines here and there and I think the possibility of a song happening over the years kind of got tainted. But it's a new day. I'm a new person. I'm a little bit older. Hopefully one day we'll be able to make that happen. If not, I've had a glorious career. I'm on my fifth album and not really looking for anything else to fall out the sky for me so it is what it is." (BET)

Days prior, the former G-Unit member revealed the backlash he received from his fiancée after going at Jay in the mid-2000's.

"Yeah, you probably won't ever see that. I pretty much f*cked that up in the beginning of my career," Game said referring to dissing Jay-Z. "But I'm probably one of the only cats that ever, like, went at, you know, Jay-Z's neck and still had a career after which is risky. I remember fighting, having a real argument -- with the mother of my children because she was a Jay-Z fan. She was like, 'You don't know what you're doing, he's gonna come back and we're not going to be able to survive.' ... I did it anyway, Jay never responded, number one he's smart and I think he knows that I'm reckless and there's nothing I can't say but he's got to be filtered because he's more of a businessman and a little bit older and he's doing all these business deals. So he can't really go as reckless as I can but once I go, I'm going." (VIBE TV)

He also discussed what it would mean if they ever had a chance to record music together.

"Plus, Jay, I think in his own right, respects me as a lyricist. He doesn't have to do a song with me but I know that he listens and respects me and responds sometimes. Like on 'One Blood,' when I hit him with 'You 38 and you still rapping, uhhh' and then he came on Kingdom Come he said 'I used to think rapping at 38 was ill, 'til last year I grossed about 38 mil.' So he listens, he responds sometimes, that's cool in it's own right. Just having Jay's ears and thinking I'm important enough for him to dig deep enough for him to respond is cool to me. If we don't ever do a song, f*ck it. But if we ever did, it'd probably be some crazy sh*t because I would really go into my trick bag for that one." (VIBE TV)

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