News: Cam'ron Receives Huge Co-Sign: "We Don't Achieve That W/ Drake B/C He's Not Gangster"

Wednesday, Jan 8, 2014 9:23AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Canadian producer Noah "40" Shebib recently detailed his immense appreciation for Dipset's Cam'ron and noted why Killa stands in a class all by himself.

When asked what he is listening to these days, 40 boasted about Cam's greatness and ability to mesh gangster rap with soulful beats.

"Cam'ron's mixtape [Ghetto Heaven, Vol. 1]. [Laughs] I've been listening to Kool G Rap and The Smiths and, like, punk. That's where I'm at. Yo, Cam's the best. Cam's music is so R&B. That's my influence. F*ck everybody. I love those R&B/rap crosses. Especially if they're done gangster enough--it's this juxtaposition that I've always loved. We don't achieve that with Drake because he's not gangster. But instead of being on a street rapper with an R&B sound, we push on good music." (VIBE)

40 also hinted at what direction Drizzy could go on his Nothing Was The Same follow-up.

"We finally made an album we've been trying to make for a long time. Now that we made "that album," which is an eclectic mix of music and genres, we can do other things, like maybe a rap or an R&B album. I don't know what we're going to make next, but both me and Drake are hungry to start working on it, like, yesterday. I'd love to try something different. I just don't know if that's going to happen--if we'll let each other or if the world will let us." (VIBE)

Recently, Cam'ron spoke on his Dipset group members' personal obligations and responsibilities keeping a reunion album off store shelves.

"It might've passed, it might not; I can't say. We do shows four, five, six times a year together. We get booked to all do shows, it's just that everybody all got their personal thing goin' on," Cam explained to MTV News on Wednesday of the Dips reunion and comeback album Diplomatic Immunity 3. "Jim is doing clothing, El doing clothing, I'm doing movies and clothing. It's just that everybody's got to find that space. What we don't want to do is dilute it and make it seem like it's fake." (MTV)

Dismissing any and all feud speculation, Killa Cam previously admitted scheduling and an emphasis on putting out a quality effort had held the LP back.

"Well, you know we all good with each other. It's about everybody, everybody still got a lot going on. You know what I'm saying? It's about everybody just being on the same page and not being busy. You know what I'm saying? Everybody got something going on right now. So, we all just gotta get on the same page and if we get the time, but it's definitely all love. It's just about nobody wants to sit in the studio for a week and just do a Dipset album cause it wouldn't be genuine. So, basically we trying to figure out the time schedule so we can do it and get it right." (Hoodrich Radio)

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