News: Pharrell Follows T.I.'s Grand Hustle W/ New Record Deal

Tuesday, Dec 17, 2013 4:15PM

Written by Rosario Harper

Grammy-winning producer Pharrell Williams has followed the same blueprint as pal T.I. by inking a new deal with mega company Columbia Records.

According to reports, Williams will release his next solo album through Columbia in 2014.

Today, Columbia Records announced via press release it has signed recent Complex digital cover star Pharrell to a record deal that will bring a solo album in 2014. According to the label, "Happy"--the song from the Despicable Me 2 soundtrack that recently had an innovative 24 hour video--will be featured on that forthcoming record, which does not yet have a release date more specific than "next year." Pharrell, of course, has had a monster 2013, ruling the pop charts all summer with "Get Lucky" and "Blurred Lines" while also producing rap hits for 2 Chainz and Nelly and album tracks for worshipers Earl Sweatshirt and Tyler, the Creator. He also features prominently on Beyoncé's new album. (Complex)

Recently, Hustle Gang head T.I. confirmed his upcoming solo album would drop through the music powerhouse but denied signing an extensive contract.

"Let me clarify," Tip said in an interview. "Hustle Gang, we still independent. They're just, we're just here for the next T.I. project. Not to say that Hustle Gang is off the table because, you know, we felt like we had some partners at one time but I think since we made the move that we made for T.I's project, I don't know if those partners of ours is still at the table. That's still up for discussion. But as of right now, Hustle Gang is still moving independently." (Hood Rich Radio)

The "King of the South" largely credited Pharrell for helping make the move go down.

Tip has also been working with Timbaland and long time collaborator and friend, DJ Toomp. "I'm honored to be partners with such a successful, passionate and creative conglomerate like Columbia Records, who respects and supports the vision of their artist and partners. Nothing but love, respect and appreciation for Doug Morris, Rob Stringer and the entire staff," T.I. says via press release. "Also, a special thank you to my big bruh, Sk8board P, for always believing in me and also executive producing my upcoming project." (Billboard)

Earlier this month, Pittsburgh rapper Mac Miller revealed plans to link with Pharrell for a joint project.

Miller now reveals the Mac-Pharrell project is back on. "We actually just talked a couple days ago," he tells Rolling Stone. "I'm going to go see him [in Miami] and we're going to finish it and put it out. Because the sh*t's ill and people want it. We both had pretty wild years. We gotta do it!" The rapper anticipates Pink Slime will drop by the end of 2014. "All we gotta do it sit down for a few days and knock out songs," he says. Recording at Williams' studio in Miami, he adds, is a reward in itself. "It's refreshing," Miller explains. "[In L.A.] I'm in this dungeon, my little cave that's this weird-ass looking place that I just live in. And then to go to Miami, it's just so nice to see natural light and a pool and happy things. It's good." (Rolling Stone)

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