Singled Out: "I Don't Need To Make Up Any Bullsh*t To Make It Commercially Appealing"

Tuesday, Dec 10, 2013 8:25PM

Written by SOHH for Deph Naught

[SOHH highlights a hot record on Tuesdays and offers a unique look at the track in Singled Out. After Young A.C. broke down his "Still Do It" track, Drake's fellow "Degrassi" alumni Deph Naught decodes his new "ILLEST" anthem.]

This record is the product of hunger. Something I feel like so many cats are missing these days is the will to be great, so they get complacent and act like they can't get eaten by somebody who really deserves that spot. Anyone who bumps my sh*t knows that I'm pretty much pissed off +24/7. Unlike Miley french kissing a hammer, I don't do it for attention either, it's actually how I feel, so when I sat down and made the beat I didn't even wait 5 minutes before I started writing the verse because I don't need to make up any bullsh*t to make it commercially appealing. That particular night I had been up for like 30 somthing hours punching myself in the face because I wanted something that would be perfect to introduce my new mixtape Naught Again without actually releasing one of the tracks.

I wanted to capture fragments of how I felt through every point in the story of my mixtape and my whole career really; Illest is exactly that.

When you listen to this track, you're suppose to laugh. I wanted this track to be real straight foreward with the concept of "F*ck yall, I'm Ill" and relate to the way I shove it in everyone's face. Who doesn't like being an a*shole somtimes? Illest is suppose to make you say "Oh sh*t, this kid is nutty" which it seems to do quite excellently, but something a lot of people don't realize is the record ain't exactly happy if you read between the lines. I actually had my boy (SBS) who got me started rapping when I was 11 on the phone to ask if I was good.

Either way, I'm talking too d*mn much. Enjoy the track f*ckers.

Degrassi's Daniel Kelly (Owen Milligan) is Deph Naught! After being a rapper since the age of 11, the opportunity to use his public exposure can't be passed up. He has a lot to prove, and he's going all for it. Artistic integrity and the concept of Freedom of Expression have always been extremely important to Deph, and he holds nothing back. If its on his mind, he's going to say it, so he's not for the easily offended. 7 years of perfecting his craft have given him the ability to manipulate words and turn his voice into his biggest weapon. The Cleverness and wit of his music is extremely apparent, as he often employs satire and comedy to further accentuate his message, and believe you me, he ALWAYS has a message. Being an enormous Eminem fan, you can immediately hear his influence in Deph Naught, and after recent events, Deph is beginning to work with Shady Recording artists, Royce Da' 5'9 and Crooked I on new and amazing material.

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