Exclusive: Former Hot Boy Busts Out His Suit & Tie: "J. Prince Said, 'I Don't Want To Sign You As An Artist [But] As An Executive"

Friday, Dec 27, 2013 3:25PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Weeks after former Cash Money artist Turk raised eyebrows by joining forces with music mogul J Prince's Rap-A-Lot Records, SOHH hit up the New Orleans native to learn more about his business situation.

Despite most labels offering 360 deals and aiming to take chunks of artists' earnings in exchange for major support, Turk said Prince offered him an executive opportunity with Rap-A-Lot.

"Yeah, it just made a lot of sense especially because I don't have a 360 deal," Turk told SOHH when asked if Rap-A-Lot was a perfect fit for progressing his career. "A lot of artists like to do their own album packaging and work but some of the bigger companies, it's like pimping. They're getting 80 percent of what you're making. I'm talking about merchandise, touring, really anything you put your name to. So for J Prince to reach out to me and tell me, 'I don't want to sign you as an artist, I want to make you an executive. That's where I was at with it. He just opened up the door for me." (SOHH)

Turk, who recently lost his father, went as far as to call the situation a blessing in disguise.

"We had the meeting out in Houston and sealed the deal. We were in the studio, chopping it up for a while about life. J Prince is an OG, he's like a pops. My daddy got killed and it's like God sent him to fulfill where my daddy left off. He gave me advice. There's no hidden agendas, everything's out in the open. It's Rap-A-Lot/YNT for 2014." (SOHH)

The big record deal reportedly went down a few weeks ago.

"HotBoy Turk Signs An Executive Partnership Deal With J Prince Of RapALot Records.Turk,Formally Of Cash Money Records HotBoys,Now CEO Of YNTEMPIREINC Was In Houston Yesterday With The Founder Of Southern Hip Hop And Business Mogul J Prince To Seal The Deal......" (Press Release)

Turk also posted a photo of himself donning a Rap-A-Lot Records shirt and confirmed the deal.

"J Prince Believed N Me It's A Must Dat I Shine!!!!! #RAPaLOT #YNTEMPIREINC," Turk posted onto Instagram December 9. (Turk's Instagram)

Last month, Turk dismissed speculated plans of a Hot Boys reunion.

"And a lot of people's hopes are up high about a Hot Boy reunion. About this, about that, a lot of people have been misguided...I want everybody to know that it ain't no beef. I still got love for them brothers. I'm just moving forward without them. I'm doing me now -- It's no longer a Hot Boy reunion. Not in my eyesight. That ain't gonna even happen." (UGS Radio)

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