Exclusive: DJ Premier Remembers Guru W/ Gang Starr Store: "You Can NEVER Front On The Many Lives We've Changed"

Sunday, Dec 15, 2013 9:00PM

Written by SOHH for DJ Premier

[With renowned hip-hop pioneer DJ Premier shocking fans by launching an unexpected Gang Starr pop up shop this week, Preemo gives SOHH readers the inside scoop on what sparked the move, his favorite available merchandise and how this will impact GS's legacy.]

The pop up shop is a stepping stone to the upcoming official Gang Starr website that is being launched to feed not only the starving fans of Gang Starr, but mainly to feed the future of Guru's son KC. I have joined forces with him, and of course the Elam family in this venture because it is the right thing to do in the spirit of Keith's contributions to our culture.

Our merch has always been a huge hit at our shows, and I constantly get numerous requests via Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and in-person when people see me asking me where can they buy shirts, hats, etc.

My management team suggested that during the Christmas holidays that we do the pop up shop while the "roof gets placed on the house" so to speak.

My favorite item on the site is the Black Hoodie. I love wearing hoodies and plus living in NY gives us T-shirt weather and Hoodie weather and we all know it is Hoodie season at the moment.

I represent the 3rd generation of Gang Starr. Big Shug represents the 1st generation and we all live the meaning of the name. Shouts out to all of the original members that came before me.

My family raised me on morals and respect for what's real and I stand by the history that has been laid to make the name Gang Starr and the Logo last forever. You can NEVER front on the many lives we have changed and continue to change with our body of work. Our vehicles do not have a "Reverse" on the gear shift.

Check out the new Gang Starr pop up shop by clicking here!

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