News: Beyoncé Makes Controversial Decision During Jay Z's Vegan Challenge

Sunday, Dec 8, 2013 8:24AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Grammy-winning singer Beyoncé Knowles-Carter has fans scratching their heads after reportedly joining Jay Z's 22-day vegan diet challenge by wearing a cow print shirt this week.

Photos of Bey wearing animal-inspired clothing have started to scatter across the Internet.

Beyonce wears a cow print shirt while heading to Crossroads Vegan Restaurant for lunch with her husband Jay Z on Friday afternoon (December 6) in West Hollywood, Calif. Beyonce also was seen this week wearing a coat with a fur collar while going out for a vegan lunch. (Just Jared)

The R&B singer also donned a pizza-inspired outfit a few days ago in Los Angeles.

It's like fashion week, Christmas, National Pizza Lovers Day (is that a thing? If not, can it be) all rolled into one to give us the greatest gift ever: Beyoncé wearing pizza-printed pants with a pizza-printed crop top. Bey wore the delicious-looking ensemble to grab some food with her husband Jay Z at vegan eatery Café Gratitude in Los Angeles; earlier this week, Jay celebrated his 44th birthday by announcing that he and Mrs. Carter will be going vegan for 22 days--until Christmas. (in Touch)

Earlier in the week, Jay celebrated his 44th birthday with Bey at a popular vegan-based restaurant.

It's only Day 1, but Beyonce and Jay-Z are serious as a heart attack about adopting a no-meat diet ... because they just pigged out at a classy vegan lunch joint in L.A. to celebrate Jay's 44th birthday. Bey and Jay ordered a variety of organic vegan menu items at Cafe Gratitude -- a place that touts its food and its people as "a celebration of our aliveness." B&J have said they're going on a 22-day plant-based diet to become more spiritual ... and they chose today -- Jay-Z's birthday -- as the day to start. (TMZ)

Young Hov broke the vegan diet news to fans this week on his Life + Times lifestyle website.

"Psychologists have said it takes 21 days to make or break a habit. On the 22nd day, you've found the way. On December 3rd, one day before my 44th birthday I will embark on a 22 Days challenge to go completely vegan, or as I prefer to call it, plant-based!! This all began a few months back when a good friend and vegan challenged me to embrace a "plant-based breakfast" everyday. It was surprisingly easier on me than I thought... Why now? There's something spiritual to me about it being my 44th birthday and the serendipity behind the number of days in this challenge; 22 (2+2=4) coupled with the fact that the challenge ends on Christmas day...It just feels right!" (Life + Times)

Jigga also revealed Bey would take part in the challenge.

"So you can call it a spiritual and physical cleanse. I will post my progress... Any professional vegans out there that have any great food spots please help out! Please ha. I don't know what happens after Christmas. A semi-vegan, a full plant-based diet? Or just a spiritual and physical challenge? We'll see... Best of luck and health! P.S. B is also joining me. I will let my friend Marco explain the benefits of a plant based diet here." (Life + Times)

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