News: Angel Haze Says Brace Yourself: "It's Probably Gonna Hurt A Lot Of People"

Saturday, Dec 21, 2013 7:34PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

New York rapper Angel Haze recently talked about the anticipation for her upcoming Dirty Gold solo album and what fans can ultimately expect from the delayed project.

When asked to describe what embodies the LP, Haze said the music is more upbeat than somber.

"The album isn't even dark at all. It's probably gonna hurt a lot of people in a bunch of different ways," she says. "'Cause I'm used to [being] the punk rock child. 'Cause music is so cathartic and I used it as therapy, I'm not the same person anymore. I don't know how much I smile a day, but I am genuinely happy, so it's so hard for me to tap into these sources that don't exist anymore." (XXL Mag)

If all goes accordingly, fans will legally be able to pick up the LP before the New Year arrives.

"Behind every rebel is a f*cking reason.," Haze tweeted December 18.
"Just want to say thank you guys for your support today. Thanks to those who heard the album and f*cked with it. Thanks to everyone who"
"Stood up for me."
"My labels didn't think that I would do it, but I did. It's hard to put at risk everything I've spent this year working on but I had to"
"For both me and you guys. No one should ever be afforded the opportunity to fuck with your dreams. REGARDLESS OF WHO THEY ARE."
"They do not own you or your faith or your future and because of what you guys helped me show them."
"My labels have agreed to release Dirty Gold December 30th. Uk & US. (Rest of the world, we are coming for you as well). Thank you all. Night" (Angel Haze's Twitter)

The 22-year-old unleashed some fury toward her record label in an extensive Twitter rant this week.

"It's so annoying that my label could tell me that if I f*cking finished my album before the summer it would be out this year. I have gone to bat for this music. I have gone to bat for myself. I have literally sat f*cking sleepless and starved crying over this sh*t. I turned down so much sh*t to be sure that I could finish this album because actually wanting something to me means doing all you can to be. Sure that it's attainable. I stopped arguing my point. Stopped giving a f*ck about everything. Let these other ditsy b*tches disrespect me. I turned my f*cking cheek because MUSIC IS ALL I F*CKING HAVE...and I know that's the same for some of you. I did everything I could for you. I did not promise an album and not deliver, unlike every f*cking one else. I sat my a** down and came up with this music WHEN I HAD NOTHING." (Angel Haze's Twitter)

The new album features production from various well-known hitmakers.

Angel Haze just went more Death Grips than Beyoncé. Earlier this week, the New York rapper announced the full details of her proper debut album, Dirty Gold, scheduled for March 3 on Island Records. Today she posted the entire album on Soundcloud and indicated it was without label approval. Listen below to Dirty Gold, which features production work from Markus Dravs (Björk, Arcade Fire, Coldplay), Mele (Frank Ocean), and Mike Dean (Kanye West). The album includes this year's "Echelon (It's My Way)," previously leaked "A Tribe Called Red," and "Battle Cry," which was set to be the album's second single in January. (SPIN)

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