News: UPDATE: DMX's Rep Addresses Judge's Pricey Ruling

Sunday, Nov 10, 2013 9:13AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Less than 24 hours after buzz broke out about a federal judge rejecting DMX's recent bankruptcy filing, the former Def Jam star's camp has stepped forward with an official statement.

Although brief with details, X's representative Domenick Nati acknowledged the judge's decision and said his client would focus on touring.

"Despite this recent obstacle, the team will continue to move forward with DMX's national performances and we are still working relentlessly at obtaining his passport for his fans overseas." ~Domenick Nati (Nati Celebrity Services) (Statement)

According to reports, Dark Man X's bankruptcy rejection went down heading into the weekend.

A federal judge in New York has tossed rapper DMX's bankruptcy filing, making him fair game for creditors. The Journal News reports that a bankruptcy judge in White Plains dismissed the 42-year-old rapper's July 29 Chapter 11 filing on Friday. The hip-hop star's real name is Earl Simmons. The judge's move means he could lose his possessions including his share in a home in suburban Mount Kisko. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Reports claim X did not provide trustworthy information in the filing.

Simmons' biggest debt is $1.3 million in child support owed to some of the 10 children he has fathered. U.S. Trustee Tracy Hope Davis said Simmons failed to provide trustworthy information in his bankruptcy filing. Simmons' publicist Domenick Nati said he was unaware of the court hearing. (The Hollywood Reporter)

In a recent interview, X admitted he would not change his past despite his multiple run-ins with law enforcement and also confirmed recent publicized money woes reports.

"I wouldn't redo anything 'cause it got me right here where I'm at right now and I'm in a good place. No regrets," X told Dr. Phil. "[My children?] They're well taken care of. I'm a big influence in their lives. I love all of my children. I do see them and speak to them when I can. I do have a relationship with my children. I love my children. I would never just not be a part of my children's lives. That doesn't make sense. [Child support debt?] Yes, I am. The reason being because at a time I was making $13 million a year, so if I'm making $13 million a year, then I can pay that. I haven't made that in about 10 years, so of course I'm behind in payments, but the children are taken care of." ("Dr. Phil")

Dark Man X's money issues surfaced courtesy of court filings coming into the public light in September.

In a real-life situation that sounds more like a tired old country song than the latest hip-hop single, rapper DMX has $50 in his pockets and nothing in the bank. New court filings in the bankruptcy case of Earl Simmons, aka DMX, show the rapper has little to report in the way of assets as well as expenses that exceed his monthly income. One of the top-selling hip-hop artists ever, DMX now says he's down to $50 cash on hand. Not only does he report, under penalty of perjury, that he has zero dollars in the bank, but he also denies having any personal property of value--no electronic equipment, no jewelry, no clothes and no cars. (Wall Street Journal)

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