News: Pusha T's "My Name Is My Name" First Week Projections Decrease

Friday, Oct 11, 2013 7:25PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

G.O.O.D Music member Pusha T's new My Name Is My Name is going to make a strong push on the sales chart in five days despite weekend projections lower than initially expected.

Expected to land in the Top 10, new estimates have the LP leveling off around 75,000 copies.

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Based on one-day estimates, the Pusha Man's new LP was expected to sell up to 80,000 copies in week one.

YOUR NEW RELEASES: Next week will bring with it another debut-filled chart. Miley Cyrus will bow at #1 with a total around 2.5 times the first week of her last album, Can't Be Tamed, which opened with 102k in June 2010. How high will Bangerz go? Stay tuned. Here are this week's key debuts: Miley Cyrus (RCA) 250-270k Panic! at the Disco (Fueled By Ramen) 90-100k Pusha T (Def Jam/IDJ) 75-80k Cassadee Pope (Republic Nashville) 40-45k (HITS Daily Double)

Recently, Pusha said he has never reaped the benefit of snatching huge record sales and won't start worrying about it at this point in his career.

"I ain't sold a lot of records ever," Push said in an interview. "Like for real, being honest. It ain't no big deal to me. My grassroots following, my fans is what keep me alive out here and doing these shows everyday." ("The Breakfast Club")

Recently, Pusha said the project's lyricism and overall production would outshine what has hit store shelves in 2013.

"Lyrically, My Name Is My Name is untouchable," said a confident Pusha. "Production-wise, it is definitely the best produced album of the year by far. Ultimately, it's the only album to me that really restores the feeling of hip-hop. I think everything else is easy listening. I feel like mine really makes you put an 'S' on your chest and calls for a course of action. It's music you can front to, like LL [Cool J] would have said back then." (Rap-Up)

A few weeks ago, the Virginia native said he made sure to come hard on his new LP by going into a late musical 90's zone.

"I didn't learn the art form of rapping in those different stages -- I only knew to be as ill as you can be lyrically," he said. "It's all about creating that nostalgia. When it came to My Name Is My Name I said to myself, 'Man, I wanna make something that I love and I wanna listen to myself. I wanna go to an era and revisit an era that was strictly about lyrics.' So I had to go to '95-'99 -- a great mixtape era, a great B.I.G./Jay era. To me it was just more so about re-creating the greatness of an amazing time." (MTV)

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