Topics: Meek Mill Names The One Rapper That Blew Him Away: "I've Never Seen Nobody Like That"

Thursday, Oct 24, 2013 11:45PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Maybach Music Group artist Meek Mill recently reflected on the passing of his close friend and protégé Lil Snupe months after a tragic fatal shooting.

Meek spoke on his heartfelt "Lil N*gga Snupe" record and why it was so important to release the tribute.

"I'm proud of all the songs," Meek told us about Dreamchasers 3. "But the Lil Snupe song meant the most to me." Meek first met Lil Snupe during a show at Grambling University, when the latter rapper was only 17 years old. "We were on our way back to the airport, a little kid knocked on the window and gave us a demo. We listened to it, we liked it and he popped up in Philly one day and was hanging with us."On Meek's Dreamchasers 3 tape, there's an interlude, a recording of Lil Snupe describing his first time in a Bentley. "Meek Mill just put on an instrumental. We ridin' through Philly in a Bentley! He like, 'Rip that B*tch.' We goin' like 10, 15 minutes strong! He's like, aww yeah Lil Snupe, I'm gonna change your motherfuckin' life." (Complex)

Mill also detailed how Snupe separated himself from the average hip-hop artist.

But Snupe didn't just pop up in Philly; he took a Greyhound Bus all the way from Louisiana. "When he landed--he was on a 30-hour drive--he told us his back hurt," says Meek. "I came to get him in a Bentley. I knew he probably never been in a Bentley, but I knew it would motivate him and make him chase harder." To Meek, Snupe's potential was real. "He would spit off the top like it was written. Rap real tight for hours and not mess up. That's unheard of, I've never seen nobody like that. The skit on Dreamchasers 3, he's just rapping and I'm telling him what to rap about. Rap about your day. Rap about your week. How'd you get here. And he could just change up. He had energy and charisma. He wasn't scared to go out on stage, no matter if it was 20,000 people or 5,000 people out there, he always just go out and hold it down." (Complex)

In early July, a 21-year-old Louisiana resident was placed behind bars for an alleged role in the murder.

Winnfield Police have made another arrest in the murder of Addarren Ross also known as Lil' Snupe. On July 3, authorities booked Edrick O. Stewart, 21, of Monroe, into the Winnfield City Jail on one count of manslaughter, according to Winnfield Police Lt. Charles Curry. No bond has been set for Stewart. (Shreveport Times)

One of Snupe's alleged shooters gave himself up a month prior.

The man accused of fatally shooting Addarren Ross, the rapper known as Lil' Snupe, surrendered to authorities today. Tony D. Holden, 36, of Winnfield, turned himself at 10:15 a.m. today at the Winnfield Police Department. Police Chief Johnny Ray Carpenter and Assistant Police Chief Russell Jones took Holden into custody without incident, police Lt. Charles Curry said. Holden has been booked into Winnfield City Jail on one count each of first-degree murder, armed robbery and illegal possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. No bond amount has been set. (Shreveport Times)

In late June, a funeral service for the Maybach Music Group associate took place.

Hundreds of mourners gathered this weekend to pay their final respects to Lil Snupe, the promising 18-year-old rapper who was shot and killed earlier this month. According to the Shreveport Times, the teen's funeral service was held on Saturday at Jonesboro-Hodge High School in Lil Snupe's hometown of Jonesboro, La. Mourners reportedly began arriving three hours before the service began. Rapper Meek Mill, who had signed Lil Snupe (born Addaren Ross) to his DreamChasers record label last year, was among the many attendees. (Huffington Post)

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