Exclusive: Hot Boys' Turk Reflects On 1-Year Jail Anniversary: "It Took 8 Years, 8 Months & 16 Days For Me To Get Back Out"

Friday, Oct 11, 2013 3:15PM

Written by SOHH for Turk

[With tomorrow marking his one-year anniversary, Hot Boys member Turk tells SOHH readers what he's been up and what his experience was like serving nearly ten years behind bars.]

I was released from jail on October 12, 2012.

Since I've been home, I been had babies, I got twins, they're three months. They came early at three to four months. They were born premature but they came out 12 ounces each. Now they're about ten pounds, they're healthy.

I got them all over my Instagram. They're crazy.

Before getting out, I was in the feds and I went through different amounts of pressure. I experienced different personalities from different places from all over the world. So I was still inspired to be relevant due to the fact we had access to the outside world.

We had e-mails, we had Internet, we had MP3s, we had TV. We were able to see what was going on and interact. So I was able to stay relevant because I never lost touch. I didn't go to jail and just isolate myself from what was going on. I kept my ear to the street.

That's how I got back the streets. A lot of people go to jail and they feel like that's all they have to live for. My whole motivation was about my family and wanting to get out and provide for them like I did before I went in.

It took eight years, eight months and sixteen days for me to get back out but ever since, everything's been running smooth. My bills have been getting paid, my family is straight, I'm good, and most importantly I got God back in my life.

Everything is running smoothly.

I'm working on my Reflame album. It's no more of the heroin and cocaine Turk or me being in the hood all day and not doing nothing. There's no putting me out. That's just how we moving.

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