News: Chief Keef Can't Avoid The Inevitable: "Getting Myself Ready To Get Locked Up!"

Tuesday, Oct 15, 2013 11:42AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Chicago rapper Chief Keef's run-ins with the law continue on as the teenage hip-hop artist has revealed he is preparing to do some time behind bars this week.

According to a photo posted onto his page early Tuesday (October 15), Keef will start his time today.

"Getting my Self ready To Get Locked Up ! Love Everybody That Rocks With The So & Da Glo!," he posted onto Instagram at 8:45 AM Tuesday (October 15).
"Walking in Court See y'all a**es Later !," he posted at 9:51 AM. (Chief Keef's Instagram)

Reports claim Keef's current predicament has to do with him not meeting a child support requirement.

It appears as if Chief Keef will be turning himself into jail today. The Chicago native posted a picture to his instagram account early this morning that suggested that he would have to surrender to authorities and do some time in lockup. While Keef did not offer any specific details on why he was turning himself in, it is believed that he was being arrested on charges of failure to pay child support and possibly missing a court date. Keef had released his latest mixtape, Almighty So, this past weekend. Just last night, he released a new song, the long anticipated "Emojis." (Complex)

According to September reports, Keef's decision to skip a recent child support hearing had Chicago police after him.

Police in Chicago have been instructed to throw Chief Keef in jail for skipping his child support hearing last week. The 17-year-old was ordered to appear in court on September 5 to explain why he hasn't paid the mother of his child over $20,000 in child support. When the young rapper, whose real name is Keith Cozart, failed to show up, the judge issued a warrant for his arrest. If he is found by police, they can take him straight to jail and hold him until he pays roughly 1/5 of the child support payment. (Inquisitr)

In July, reports surfaced which claimed the 17-year-old rapper's baby's mother had sought out legal action against him for not being paid child support.

17-year-old Rapper Chief Keef has been stiffing his middle school-aged baby mama on child support ... or so she claims, which is crazy ironic considering the guy rolls around with STACKS of cash in his pocket. As we reported, Keef allegedly fathered the child when he was just 15 and the mother was still in middle school ... and he was subsequently ordered to pay $2,600 per month in child support (plus $500 for daycare) based on his income of $13,000 per month. But the mother has now filed legal docs, claiming Keef hasn't been paying his child support bills. (TMZ)

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