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Thursday, Sep 19, 2013 9:31PM

Written by Jacques Slade

With their current line-up and the direction they are heading, upstart clothing label, Popular Demand, has an intimate connection with the culture and it is reflected in their style, attitude, and the quality of their product. Today, company founder Blake Ricciardi gives five reasons this line belongs in your wardrobe.

1. 5-Week Turnaround

Popular Demand is a company that lives and breathes with the culture and it allows them to create product that not only lives in the moment, but extends beyond into the future. The label creates new releases every 5-weeks which means you will always be on point when you rock the gear.

2. Energy & Spirit Of L.A.

A lot of times you see the more glamorous side of Los Angeles, but the grittier, more authentic looks at Los Angeles often gets lost in the message. With Popular Demand, we set out to capture the essence of those that are risking it all to chase their dreams. From aspiring actor, to a music producer, to a make-up artist, Popular Demand represents the unique energy that these and other individuals bring when they are pushing things to the limit to get where they need to be.

3. Undeniable Change

With a long creative design background, Popular Demand sought out to not only create and funnel the spirit of those that are pushing the next level, but also aesthetically represent that message as well. However, don't mistake that for gaudy design and overly bright colors. The intent behind it all is to be bold without being arrogant and to be recognizable without being demonstrative. This allows Popular Demand to use bold enough imagery that they don't have to use 15 million bright colors.

4. Thoughtful Design

By no means do I expect everyone that wears our stuff to know the meaning behind it, but we do make sure to have a meaning behind everything we put out there. Looking at the Popular Demand line, you see the influence of leadership in their design. For instance, the imagery of the Chief and the use of feathers from a traditional headdress were all used to represent the spirit of leadership and the leadership mentality that is represented by the individual we consider when making out design.

5. Respect For The Past

It is nearly impossible to ignore the influence of the Air Jordan line on the culture. Popular Demand has taken the history attached to the Air Jordan line and other aspects of the hip-hop culture and used those to create pieces that remind us of the past as well as incorporate more of today's aesthetic. Popular Demand has a unique perspective that it was part of the generation that grew up in the golden age of hip-hop and has been able to incorporate those aspects into the brand's design. An aspect that Popular Demand believes builds on the equity of the brand considering the renegade and leadership associated with the culture.

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