Guest Star: "He's Not Human. He's Actually A Robot - He Does Just About More Shows Than Any Artist There Is"

Wednesday, Sep 25, 2013 4:15PM

Written by SOHH for Cory Mo

[With his upcoming Take It Or Leave It solo debut slated to release under Talib Kweli's Javotti Media record label, Houston veteran Cory Mo tells SOHH readers where his relationship with the Reflection Eternal member stems from.]

I've been on Talib Kweli for over ten years. The records he did with UGK like "Real Women" and "Country Cousins," I was pretty much a part of those. I either recorded it or mixed and mastered it. I pretty much run the studio in Houston that UGK records in, 24/7.

So anybody that UGK brings through, I think it was a point where Talib needed some studio time. He was like, "Yo Bun B, I need somewhere to record," and he sent him to me and there was another occasion where I ended up kicking it with him in the studio for about eight hours a time.

We just got real cool from back in 2002, 2003 and we just kept in touch. I'd send him beats and he'd send me verses throughout the years. And then he hit me out of the blue like, "Yo, C Mo, come put this record out under my label." I was like, "Hell yeah!"

Hitting the road with him on tour, it kind of made me realize he's not human. He's actually a robot. Kweli is actually a robot. Dude wakes up in the morning, works all day and ends up going to shows all night until three or four in the morning and then wake right back up and goes back to do it again.

It's crazy, dude. He's a serious work horse and he tours all around the planet constantly. I can't even make all the shows that he wants me to go to. It's crazy. He's a machine and I really, really respect his grind. He does just about more shows than any artist there is. He's definitely in the top ten of artists that tour. Period.

He's a beast and a serious inspiration to what I'm doing.

Cory Mo is one of the most gifted, passionate and dependable artists coming from the South. With fifteen years of experience as an MC, producer and recording engineer under his belt, his latest effort, Take It Or Leave It, brings Cory Mo to the next level- an artist with integrity and drive who can compete with the best artists of the day in the same arena if given the opportunity.

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