News: Skillz Calls Out Emo MCs Angry At Kendrick Lamar: "Y'All N*ggas Ran To Twitter & He Ain't Tweeted Sh*t" [Video]

Friday, Aug 23, 2013 12:55PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Virginia native Skillz is the latest hip-hop artist to speak out on the backlash Kendrick Lamar has received over his aggressive "Control" lyrics and questioned why emcees chose social networking over a studio to respond.

In Skillz's opinion, too many rappers fell back on dropping response tracks and decided to air out their issues over Twitter.

"I thought the verse was amazing," Skillz said in an interview. "I think we needed some competition. All of them n*ggas ran to Twitter. That's y'all problem, y'all n*ggas ran to Twitter. None of y'all n*ggas ran to the studio quick enough and he ain't tweeted sh*t. He said a verse, leaked it, we doing all of the talking for him. Back in the day, n*ggas would have been at [Funkmaster] Flex that night with some Mobb Deep instrumentals on your head. Those days are over. Man, n*ggas run to Twitter. Sh*t's corny to me." (Revolt TV)

New York rap veteran Big Daddy Kane recently said Lamar's lyrics should have only inspired emcees to show off their competitive side.

Kane, whose been a part of the rap game long enough to see rappers like Kool Moe Dee and Busy B battle each other, was concerned that the verse would only lead to a "Twitter battle." "I was basically trying to say to the MCs out there that really believe that they're real MCs, and they're in it for the sport, if you're upset with what dude said then respond. That's what an MC does," Kane said. Kane also reminisced about sharing raps with Kool G Rap at two in the morning, and being pitted against fellow legendary MC, Rakim. Although a mutual friendship with Eric B., Rakim's longtime DJ and producer, stopped Kane from ever spitting at Rakim, a rap line written by the latter almost changed that. (RapFix)

Following the song's release last month, BDK alerted all emcees to speak out with bars instead of whining over Twitter.

"ATTENTION M.C.'S: Complaining about @kendricklamar verse on twitter is Gossip. Getting in the studio trying to write a better one is Hip Hop," Kane tweeted August 13. (Big Daddy Kane's Twitter)

The track inspired Brooklyn's Uncle Murda to drop his punchline-riddled "The Response" record last weekend.

"Everybody like, 'You heard what that n*gga said?' N*ggas getting offended/Everybody running to the studio, to try and make a diss record about Kendrick/Tell Kendrick I ain't mad at him, this exactly what the game needed/Everybody wanna be homeboys/Rap's competition, start competing/Calling n*ggas names out, Kendrick, I thank you/But saying you the king, n*ggas want me to spank you/I'm like, 'Yeah, I heard what Kendrick said but lil' homie ain't a threat'/Maybe if Game or Snoop said it, then I'd be more upset/Jay not dead, Nas alive/You the king, come on Kendrick, how that sound? ... How you gonna claim something that you not?/Oh, I get it, this n*gga wanna be 2Pac/Well I'm a West Coast Crip on a Blood block/Kicking it with Bloods talking about all the Bloods I shot/King of Oakland, why you ain't say that?/'Cause them n*ggas that robbed 2 Chainz don't play that/'D*mn Murda, I know you ain't say that" ("The Response")

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