News: Riff Raff Takes Serious Legal Action Over X-Rated Pics

Sunday, Aug 25, 2013 11:04PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Houston rapper Riff Raff has reportedly taken legal action over alleged explicit photos of himself spreading across the Internet.

Details of Riff having lawyers issue a cease and desist letter to a site surfaced online Sunday (August 25).

Riff Raff doesn't take too kindly to pictures of him allegedly masturbating being plastered all over the Internet ... and is now using his legal goons to make sure they disappear for good. Riff had his lawyers fire off a cease and desist letter to ... after the website posted pics of the rapper on a bed, holding his penis ... allegedly masturbating in front of a female hair stylist. In the letter, Riff is pissed ... he says the story is B.S. and by using the pics the site is damaging his reputation. He says if the site doesn't take the snap shots down he'll sue their pants off. Something he understands all too well (allegedly). (TMZ)

An excerpt of the letter has also made its rounds across the Internet.

"First, your story's title is misleading. It gives the impression that your story contains facts as opposed to lies and accusations. My client vehemently denies the allegations contained in your article. Further, unauthorized photographs of my client are posted on your site for's commercial gain and for the purpose of injuring my client's reputation in the entertainment industry in violation of California law. Accordingly, we hereby demand that you immediately remove the article, all photographs (including disabling any and all active links to the photographs), related comments and any and all posts (and comments) on any social media site (including but not limited to your personal Twitter and Tweetwood accounts)." (Statement)

Website included a statement from an alleged Riff Raff hairstylist responsible for taking the photos.

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dear Nik, I am a hairstylist and was approached by Riff Raff via Twitter to do his hair for a performance he had that evening. He told me to come to his house so that I could style him, however when I arrived (very professionally) the first thing he did was lay on his bed and whip out his uncircumcised penis and perversely begged me to touch it and suck it. I refused and he proceeded to jack off in front of me... I was able to snap these candid pics of him while he cleaned himself up after he finished while I awkwardly stood by. Needless to say, I immediately left and he came out of his apartment yelling down the hall asking me why I was leaving so soon. Feeling violated and pissed that I wasted my precious time on that scumbag I feet it is important that everyone is aware of his antics. (The Dirty)

The site also posted a separate account from another female which claimed the same incident happened to her.

"OMG THIS HAPPENED TO ME TOO!!!!! OK here is my story finally. I approached Riff Raff to do a story for my school newspaper, I hit him up on twitter too and this was around the time he started making music with Simon and Andy. Next, I show up- me a college girl- and the m*therF*ckers bedroom is in the living room and the living room is where the bedroom should be. He immediately tries to get me to sit on his bed but I politely say I would like to sit on the stool by the bar in his kitchen. Then he started jacking off too. I got mad so he stopped. I kept trying to interview him like the good lil reporter I am, amdist his perverted attempts to get me to grab his dick. He even asked me to rub his chest and just stare in his eyes." (The Dirty)

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