News: Nas Reveals Why He No-Showed At Notorious B.I.G.'s Funeral: "I Was So Messed Up, I Was In War Mode"

Wednesday, Aug 14, 2013 10:44AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Rap veteran Nas speaks on his admiration for the late Notorious B.I.G. and what ultimately held him back from attending the music mogul's funeral over ten years ago in the new VIBE.

Nas blamed his anger toward the West Coast for making him avoid B.I.G.'s publicized funeral.

"Man, me and Biggie were the biggest artists in New York. When he passed, I was so messed up. My attitude was messed up about him dying. There was an East-West thing back then, and I was in war mode. My attitude, my disposition, it wasn't good to be around people, especially at a funeral for somebody I cared so much about. I paid my respects from home, man. Sent my prayers, and I didn't wanna deal with the fanaticism of the sensationalized hip-hop superstar funeral. ... I couldn't deal with that. I miss my brother to this day. I always think about what he'd be like, what he'd sound like to this day. I just couldn't do it." (VIBE)

On Nas' I AM album, he reveals not showing up to B.I.G.'s funeral on "We Will Survive."

"I missed your wake not cause I'm fake /Cause I hate to see somebody so great in that way /I woulda stayed so long with so much to say /I had to put it in writin to keep me and Brooklyn from fightin /Tellin me to pay my respects and move to the side /But I probably wouldn't have got off my knees to let people by /You can't kill nothin that's Ready to Die /You was like God to us in the form of Allah" ("We Will Survive")

The rap mogul name-dropped Biggie on his Life Is Good anthem, "Nasty."

Nasty Nas is back to claim his throne with the first street single from his upcoming album Life Is Good. Over an old school, gritty production from Salaam Remi, QB's Finest spits verse after verse without a hook. "I'm not in the winters of my life or the beginning stage/ I am the dragon/ Maserati, pumpin' Biggie the great legend, blastin'/ I'm after the actress who played Faith Evans," he rhymes before declaring, "Make room for the king." (Rap-Up)

Recently, UM (formerly Uncle Murda) hit up SOHH and talked about Nasir Jones comparing him to the late Frank White.

"Nas had wrote on Twitter that I give him an ill Biggie vibe. And then when I had got the call like, 'Eh yo, go check Nas' Twitter. Nas just said that you remind him of Biggie.' So when I saw that, I retweeted that sh*t about 50 f*cking times," UM laughingly told SOHH. "That was like an accomplishment for me. For Nas to even big me up like that or even comparing me to Big like that, that was ill. I felt good, that's why I said it in the 'New York City' record and that's why I retweeted the sh*t 50 times. I felt good about it. Nas is one of the best to ever do this sh*t and in a lot of people's eyes, the best to ever do this sh*t. It was a good feeling. It felt almost as good as doing a record with Jay Z. There's certain things that don't happen for everybody. Everybody don't get to do a record with Jay Z. Nas ain't saying everybody gives him a Biggie vibe. It's little sh*t like that that I accomplish and I'm thankful for and happy." (SOHH)

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Check out "We Will Survive":

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