News: DJ Khaled Comes Clean On Lying, Explains Bogus Nicki Minaj Proposal [Audio]

Thursday, Aug 1, 2013 12:41PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

We The Best's DJ Khaled has finally confessed to using a publicized wedding proposal to Young Money's Nicki Minaj as a joke and revealed its true purpose.

According to the Miami deejay, he went to the extreme of declaring a love for Nicki in hopes of promoting their new "I Wanna Be With You" track.

"I was just having fun with it and just show love," he says. "Bring some excitement for my fans and connect with the record. I just wanted to tap into the emotion of the record and really spread a message. I was joking with it and having fun. We be so busy making these big hits and I wanted to come with a dope plan to present the next smash single besides just giving it out. ... I thought I did pretty good on the proposal. You know I want to get into movies and all that. So, I'm getting calls already for TV and stuff like that. They've been calling but now I'ma start looking at these roles. I really want to do movies." (Power 92.1)

Cash Money Records' Busta Rhymes recently said he had no idea whether the proposal was real or bogus.

"Absolutely not," Busta replied. "I knew nothing about the Khaled proposal at the time. I definitely was surprised when he did it and I definitely rewinded the MTV piece that he did it through about 30 times because I just wanted to see if he was joking, or if he was serious." Did it seem more real with each replay? "I definitely felt like it was closer to real than BS because we know Khaled," he added. "Khaled don't do that. He'll hype something up and joke around but that was a different kind of leap. If it was a campaign for the record, it was a brand-new, whole 'nother angle that I ain't never seen Khaled come from before, so it was definitely surprising for me." (MTV)

Last week, Khaled's sidekick Rick Ross said the deejay was likely more serious than most people think about trying to marry Minaj.

"I see that it's not planned, but I'm reading the small description underneath and it says he has a ring from Rafaello & Co, if I'm reading that correctly, that's valued at about a half a million dollars. If you spend a half a million dollars, you're dead a** serious. ... That's been my brother. I know he's been infatuated with Nicki. I guess we all just gotta sit back and wait." (Power 106)

A few days ago, Minaj downplayed the proposal's seriousness.

"Nobody in my real life took it seriously. Everybody just hit me like, 'LOL. Yo, Khaled is crazy,'" Nicki said in an interview. "Khaled is my brother and Khaled was not serious with that damn proposal, y'all. Please let it go. He was kidding. He's not attracted to me, he doesn't like me. We're brother and sister." (Hot 97)

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