News: 2 Chainz Explains Not Caving In, Resisting Police Prior To OKC Arrest [Video]

Thursday, Aug 29, 2013 8:55AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz has coughed up his excuse for going against law enforcement last week in a short-lived standoff which ultimately resulted in him being arrested in Oklahoma City.

Chainz said he was not trying to be heroic during the publicized face-off and promised he did not have any issues against police.

"No charges, just a bad day for me, basically, as far as me not being where I was supposed to be," Chainz said in reference to his recent Oklahoma City arrest. "At the end of the day, I was trying to do something that I thought was right. I'm not trying to start anything with the law enforcement. I actually pay taxes so I'm kinda like helping them and stuff. So I'm not into that. It just got blew out of proportion. I apologize to the fans." (Power 105.1)

Reports this week revealed one of Chainz's tour bus passengers waved a copy of the U.S. Constitution during the incident.

NEWSFLASH: holding up a copy of the U.S. Constitution in a cop's face will NOT stop him from arresting you -- at least that's what one of 2 Chainz' entourage members learned last week, shortly before he and the rapper got busted. As we reported, 2 Chainz and ten other people on his tour bus were all arrested last week following a concert in Oklahoma City ... after police accused them of smoking weed on board. You'll recall, cops pulled over 2 Chainz' bus because of a busted taillight, but upon approaching the vehicle ... cops say they smelled pot and attempted to search the bus. But the driver refused to let cops on board -- and according to the police affidavit which was just released, one of the bus' passengers actually held a physical copy of the U.S. Constitution against the bus window ... "as if challenging officers" with his civil rights. (TMZ)

Although careful with his words, Chainz dished out his frustrations over the drug bust last week.

"Too blessed too stress," Chainz tweeted August 22.
"Don't ask me ask OKC police department what they found on the bus,,,,u won't get an answer because nuthn was found"
"This sh*t will make u go crazy , our bus gets pulled 1 a week and they always say I smell weed I need to search ur bus. Sht gets tiring"
"NYC I'm on the way ......#MEtime" (2 Chainz's Twitter)

Last Thursday, reports claimed a handful of Chainz's entourage were taken to a local jail.

10:30 a.m. About 10 people who were aboard the 2 Chainz tour bus have been taken to the Oklahoma County jail Thursday after the bus was stopped by an Oklahoma City police drug interdiction task force. The band appeared at the Chesapeake Energy Arena Wednesday night with Lil Wayne. Everyone aboard the bus was arrested and taken to the Oklahoma County jail on complaints of interfering with official process, said police Sgt. Jennifer Wardlow. Police have obtained a search warrant and the bus is being searched at the police training grounds at 800 N Portland Avenue Thursday morning. Check for updates. (News OK)

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