Singled Out: "Wale Wanted To Meet Us [So] We Drove Down To Roc Nation & Met Him"

Tuesday, Jul 16, 2013 12:45AM

Written by SOHH for The Director Bros.

[SOHH highlights a hot record each Tuesday and offers a unique look at the track in Singled Out. After Webbie broke down his new "This Is What I Do" single, Funny or Die's The Director Bros. Josh & Ryan decode Wale's French Montana-assisted "Back 2 Ballin'" music video.]

We worked with Skull Candy and [model] Kate Upton for this thing called "Take A Super Model To Work" and we did about two videos for them and they did really well. Ryan and I also do this music show on YouTube called the "Gorburger Show" and Wale had seen the "Gorburger" show and Wale wanted to meet us. We drove down to Roc Nation and met him one day.

We were talking about doing a project and then he mentioned him and Skull Candy wanted to do a music video. They were trying to think of a way to get French Montana and Wale at the same spot to do a music video and it just didn't seem possible so we pitched them this which was a way for everyone to be in the video and not have to do any work. And this was a concept that me and Ryan really wanted to make for a while. -Josh

The big breasted women, I forced that on Josh. Josh was like, "No, no. No big breasted women," and I was like, "Yes, yes." I'm just joking. Honestly though, we were sitting down and we were talking about what we could do with this video. We started thinking like, "If we were 13, what would blow our f*cking minds" and it was 16-bit Sega Genesis with girls in ladies lingerie with big, puffy hair. That's what we went after and I think we got it.

When we were working on it, we sat down and went through a ton of references with Wale. He's a big fan of games like NBA Jam and the other games referenced in the video. We had a good time going back through old video games with him and going over the concept. He was super pumped up about it. -Ryan

I guess the women are a distraction but it's also about not having French and Wale in the video and we actualy needed somebody to be playing French and Wale. Our minds obviously went to the classic rap video. -Josh

Josh and I were our own art department for this. That 80's painting in the background, I made that and printed it and we shot it at Josh's house and made it look like this crazy, almost American Psycho-style room. We did almost everything ourselves. It was pretty insane. That TV we used in there was a hunt. It took a while to find that TV. -Ryan

The team of animators at Powerhouse Animation took this project on and there definitely wasn't enough money but they just did it and got it made. They were unbelievable to work with. There were a lot of people who helped make this possible. -Josh

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