News: Lil' Kim Turns Out The Lights, Gives Everyone A Tease [Video]

Saturday, Jul 20, 2013 2:05PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Rap veteran Lil' Kim is back on her music grind and is teasing fans with a sneak peek of her upcoming "Looks Like Money" music video.

The Queen Bee posted the teaser onto her Instagram page heading into the weekend.

Lil' Kim celebrated her birthday by debuting her new single "Looks Like Money," and now she's giving her fans a taste of the video. In the brief teaser, which she filmed off her computer screen, the Queen Bee struts in a busty white outfit and black ponytail in front of two luxury cars parked in a driveway. The flashy clip was shot at nighttime in her hometown of New York. (Rap-Up)

Last week, the Queen Bee treated fans to a free download of her delayed single.

The 39-year-old rapper, who made her name on her envelope-pushing outfits and music, dropped a new song called "Looks Like Money" on Thursday morning. Originally hyped for a 2011 release, the song was delayed indefinitely. Lil' Kim surprised fans on the morning of her birthday by taking to Twitter to announce the release of "Looks Like Money," writing, "Here's just a LITTLE gift from ME to U on MY birthday that U guys have been waiting for." "Looks Like Money" is available for free download throughout the day on Thursday. (Huffington Post)

Initial plans were for the track to debut around 2011.

"Looks Like Money" was announced back in 2011 by Lil' Kim as her then first single of her fifth studio album. For some reason, that fifth album, the follow-up to 2005's "The Naked Truth", never came. The official release of "Looks Like Money" was cancelled, and the full song was sent to the 'vault of lost music' for the discomfort of fans. Now in 2013, Nicki Minaj's nemesis randomly decides to release "Looks Like Money" in HQ and in its entirety on her B'day. Is it good?. Well, she goes hard on it, with some venomous lyrics going like; "Cash money, that's so last year/ Now when I do a show, they gotta pay me in gold". It ain't bad - although I'm surprised she was planning to release this as first single of an album as she's recorded better songs, yet the beat is the definition of basic, and the vocal effect gets annoying. She looks sexy on the song cover, though. (Direct Lyrics)

Back in April, Kim talked about working with hitmaker Bangladesh to assist on her upcoming solo album.

Kim, your upcoming album is perhaps the most-anticipated album in hip-hop right now! Bangladesh [who's produced Missy Elliott and Rihanna] is producing your album, correct? Yes, he's executive-producing it. And we do have other producers working on the album, as well; but the first single that's coming out in late June/first week of July is produced by Bangladesh, for sure. (Wet Paint)

Check out the "Looks Like Money" teaser:

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