News: Juicy J's Concert Shut Down After Police Officer Mobbed & Attacked

Sunday, Jul 14, 2013 10:40PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Three 6 Mafia member Juicy J had his party cut short over the weekend when a scheduled Texas concert was shut down by local police following an attack.

According to reports, a police officer suffered multiple injuries and ultimately had Juicy's Midland event nixed Saturday (July 13) evening.

According to Juicy J's videographer, Ted Cadillac, a police officer was mobbed, hit with a bottle and then beat up while on stage before Juicy was to perform. At least 10 police cars were on scene as the situation was subdued. The show was cancelled upon the Three-6 Mafia member's arrival. Juicy's performance was to happen at Cabana Sports Bar, an outdoor venue. (HHDX)

J has already released a video to confirm the show did not go down.

"Midland, Texas, I'm here but I that see the police shut the place down. What the f*ck happened, man? I wanted to party, man." (Juicy J's Instagram)

Over the spring, Juicy talked about how much it would cost to rush out a follow-up to 2008's Last 2 Walk Three 6 Mafia album.

"If they cut a check for $15-$16 mil," Juicy told "RapFix Live" of Columbia Records, where Three 6 are currently signed. "It's really up to Columbia Records, man. I feel like Columbia Records put that group on the shelf so it's their call when they wanna bring back the Three 6 Mafia. ... The contracts are still signed; the group is still signed with Columbia so it's really up to the label." (RapFix)

Recently, group member DJ Paul spoke to SOHH and explained why Three 6 Mafia is one of the most underrated rap groups of all time.

"People even tweet me and say, "DJ Paul is one of the most underrated producers." I'm going to tell you another thing. Three 6 Mafia created the sound of hip-hop these days. Everybody is eating because of the music. We opened the doors for people to feel comfortable about drugs. We came out with a record talking about sniffing cocaine and sipping Sizzurp. Pimp C, he'd tell us, "Y'all do stuff that these other rappers do but these n*ggas scared to talk about it. Y'all come on a record talking about sniffing cocaine and I know a lot of rappers that sniff cocaine but they're not gonna talk about that sh*t."" (SOHH Underrated)

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