News: Jay-Z Just Lost One, NY Shuts Down Surprise Show

Wednesday, Jul 3, 2013 5:04PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Rap mogul Jay-Z will have to scramble and come up with a back-up plan as reports claim a huge New York City concert at the Ed Sullivan Theater has been nixed.

According to reports, the show has been denied after appearing to receive initial approval.

Jay-Z won't be making a marquee appearance at the Ed Sullivan Theater after all. The city suddenly yanked approval for the mega-rapper's planned concert Monday atop the Midtown marquee for the "Late Show with David Letterman,'' sources said. "The mayor's office approved it, and then just like that, it got denied," one police source told The Post yesterday. Reps for Jay-Z, Letterman, the city and the NYPD had planned to meet at the "Late Show" offices yesterday to work out concert details. But the meeting was abruptly canceled -- and everyone involved was told that the event was now a no-go, sources said. But the meeting was abruptly canceled -- and everyone involved was told that the event was now a no-go, sources said. The police source speculated: "It's because of the holiday weekend. They were concerned about fireworks and terrorism." (NY Post)

Speculation on why the show was cancelled days has already started to circulate.

Another source suggested that the music gig was cancelled for the same reason given the last time Jay-Z and Letterman tried to plan the event in 2010 but were thwarted. Details about the performance were leaked to The Post beforehand, creating a logistical nightmare for cops given the hordes of fans such an event would draw. The mayor's office refused to comment, as did Letterman's people. Jay-Z's rep didn't respond to phone and e-mail messages. (NY Post)

Initial reports claimed Jay would be cleared to take over Manhattan next week.

UPDATE: So, word has come through that New York City's Mayor Bloomberg has approved Jay-Z's planned Times Square concert on July 8, so, you know, it's happening. Expect a full scale riot at the least. Magna Carta Holy Grail drops on July 4. (Ology)

Back in 2010, Hov experienced similar issues with New York but ultimately had a joint show alongside rap star Eminem go down.

A Jay-Z performance on the marquee of the Ed Sullivan Theater planned for Monday was axed by the Mayor's Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting on Thursday. The NYPD had already asked organizers to front $100,000 to cover overtime for cops and city workers on the night. The concert was supposed to be a surprise, but word of it leaked out on Thursday, ending any chance at a permit. (DNA Info)

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