Exclusive: "Gucci Mane & Future Pretty Much Work The Same"

Tuesday, Jul 2, 2013 4:05PM

Written by SOHH for Metro Boomin

[As he continues to make hits for Gucci Mane, Future and Lil Wayne, 19-year-old producer Metro Boomin gives SOHH a behind-the-scenes look and feel of his teenage grind.]

I've been making beats since I was 13. I've been in the industry since about 2010.

Since I've started blowing up, all of the people I used to try to get a hold of and tried contacting are finally picking up. They're the ones that are hitting me all of the time. It's definitely gotten easier. I don't even want to say easier, I would say smoother.

It's hard to say what artist I've had the most creativity and fun with in the studio so far. I think me and Future have great chemistry considering all of the records we've done. I'm trying to think who's been the most fun and memorable.

I'm really trying to think. Gucci's definitely one of them. Him and Future pretty much work the same as far as recording. Gucci's a character. It's always entertaining to see him and work around him. He's so personable and he's such a cool dude. That's always fun.

I enjoy being in the studio with Young Jeezy as well. Jeezy, I don't know, he just shows love. He shows love in a big dog type of sense. I don't want to go too far as to say it's like a big brother type of thing but that's how he acts.

He shows love. I think he's got an A&R job over at Atlantic and does something else. I definitely enjoy working with Jeezy. Even if we're not doing my stuff, I love that he values my opinion. Even if it's records that aren't mine, he has an opinion. He'll say something like, "You and Future are really out there."

I like working with Jeezy, he puts me up on other artists too. He's a good dude.

Metro Boomin is a 19-year-old hitmaker who has already worked with Ludacris, Young Jeezy, Chief Keef and more before even being legally able to drink. He has worked on handfuls of music but also attends school at Morehouse University.

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