Underrated: "I Think They Go Down In History For The West Coast"

Thursday, Jun 20, 2013 7:05AM

Written by SOHH for T3

[Each week, SOHH asks two entertainment personalities to name who they feel is the most underrated emcee in hip-hop. After Aaradhna gave OutKast the title earlier this week, Slum Village's T3 crowns The Pharcyde SOHH Underrated.]


The most underrated guys? I'm going to say maybe The Pharcyde is one of the most underrated groups of all time. I think they get a lot of [props], they made some moves, but I think they were really underrated.

You have guys like Kool Moe Dee who was also underrated. There's a lot of people you could name as underrated. I don't know but I would definitely say Pharcyde. I'm a big fan of Pharcyde and I like how they did it.

They came into the game laughing and singing and changing the game a little bit. I think they go down in history for the West Coast movement and what they did.

Chances are, if you are anywhere near the Detroit music scene, you have heard of the influential hip hop trio that makes up Slum Village. The group was founded in the early 90?s by 3 childhood friends: Baatin, T3, rapper and producer J Dilla, who all grew up together in the Conant Gardens neighborhood of Detroit, MI. After leaving Pershing High School, the trio began to forge a path into the Detroit underground hip hop scene and quickly found themselves steadily gaining popularity, where they originally went by the name Ssenepod.

Check out Pharcyde's music:

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