News: Drake's Looks Still Aren't Winning Amanda Bynes Over: "Don't Think You're Good Looking! Ew!"

Thursday, Jun 13, 2013 3:55PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Troubled Hollywood star Amanda Bynes is doing nothing to lessen her issues with Young Money's Drake, now claiming she will continue to harrass him with ugly photos on a regular basis.

While she has not offered an explanation for the infatuation with Drizzy, Bynes did remind the world there aren't any wedding plans in their immediate future.

"I'll post ugly pics of @Drake every time I see one! Not hard ;)," she tweeted June 13th.
"@drake please don't think you're good looking! Ew!"
"@Drake is ugly though!"
"I'll post ugly pics of @Drake every time I see one! Not hard ;)"
"I won't marry @drake because I want to marry a gorgeous man! Sorry ur ugly @drake but I have dated ugly guys before so you stand a chance!!!" (Amanda Bynes' Twitter)

Bynes' negative words follow some anti-Drake bashing she posted earlier in the week

"I only like @Drake because he's so ugly! His ugly cheeks at the EA conference! Fine he is not, but he knows he's ugly! I've spoken to him!," she tweeted June 11th. (Amanda Bynes' Twitter)

Despite her tantrums, Atlanta rapper Waka Flocka Flame recently defended the actress and said constant criticism has likely fueled her actions.

"To me, Amanda Bynes is like a confused kid that became an adult - that people couldn't handle that she's a woman, in my eyes." Waka explained. "Having conversations with her, she kind of reminds me of me, you doing so good that people lash out at you. They forget all the right sh*t you doing. Instead of helping and showing a better way, they're just killing her, downing her -- pouring the negativity. I just feel like a couple of words could uplift a whole person's approach to life, so that's why I just put my little two cents in." ("Mikey T The Movie Star")

Last week, she raised eyebrows by going after Drake with jabs about his appearance.

It looks like someone has changed her tune! Amanda Bynes posted on Twitter today that she's over her crush on Drake--in a matter of words. "Drake has the ugliest smile, ugly gums uneven teeth ugly eyes," she said. She later deleted the tweet. Upon hearing the sudden change of heart, blogger Perez Hilton asked Bynes why she's over the rapper. Bynes made other comments about the rapper (and apparently deleted those as well), and then went on to say, "I won't deny calling @Drake ugly." Hmmm...sounds like she's definitely moving on from the "Started From the Bottom" performer! (E! Online)

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