News: UPDATE: Police Shut Down Kanye West's 'New Slaves' Screening: "Leave Or Be Arrested" [Video]

Saturday, May 25, 2013 10:20AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Grammy-winning rapper Kanye West reportedly did not have his "New Slaves" global campaign go as smoothly as last week as reports claim police shut down one of his projections in Texas.

According to reports, Houston fans did not have an opportunity to see the "New Slaves" visual Friday (May 24) evening.

Whatever Kanye West wanted to happen Friday night in Houston -- didn't. The superstar rapper's plan was to project a new song and visual on the Rothko Chapel, Central Library downtown and the George Bush Monument. He announced it earlier today via Twitter. Houston police shut down the "Yeezus" revival at Rothko. Despite an upbeat, respectful crowd, they pulled several cars onto the grass, flashed lights and sirens and demanded everyone leave or be arrested for trespassing. Folks slowly dispersed when it was clear this wasn't part of the show. (Houston Chronicle)

A couple of the attendees briefly spoke on what happened last night.

Houston singer Dominique attended the library screening and said it was shut down due to "technical difficulties." And at midnight, the Bush Memorial screening was also a "no show" according to fan Janet Quiroa. "All we saw were the sprinklers come on and obnoxious people screaming Kanye threats," Quiroa said. (Houston Chronicle)

According to reports, Ye planned to push his "New Slaves" anthem a week after its initial premiere.

Last Friday, Kanye West debuted his new song "New Slaves" by projecting its video on 66 buildings across the world. Now, seven days later, an updated map has gone live on the rapper's website with a new set of locations and times not included in the first premiere. The first projection is set to take place in Europe later this evening. It's unclear whether Kanye will be projecting "New Slaves" or a brand new song/video. Update: According to Def Jam France, Kanye will again be projecting "New Slaves". (Consequence of Sound)

Much like last week, Ye hopped onto his Twitter page to break the news.

"NEW PROJECTION LOCATIONS TONIGHT http://WWW.KANYEWEST.COM," he tweeted May 24th. (J. Cole's Twitter)

A detailed listing of cities, including Houston, scheduled to project "New Slaves" Friday popped up in the afternoon.

The Locations this time around: North America San Diego Phoenix Tucson San Antonio Austin Houston Atlanta Savannah Jacksonville Miami Baltimore Philadelphia Europe Glasgow Birmingham Manchester Oslo Copenhagen Ghent Zurich Milan Cannes Barcelona Also, it will appear in Auckland, New Zealand. (Complex)

Last week, Mr. West shocked the world with his "New Slaves" global premiere.

Tonight Kanye West premiered "New Slaves," the first single from his forthcoming LP, by projecting a video on buildings across the world. His site includes a map of times and locations for those projections, 66 in all. It's the same song Hudson Mohawke spun in Poland recently. Earlier this month, the rapper previewed new material at the Met Ball and Adult Swim's upfront, but decent recordings from those events have been scarce. Tonight's launch was better documented. (Stereo Gum)

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